Thursday, February 13, 2020

HRDC raped Democracy with MEC Sealing

Kamuzu Banda’s dick was big, he never washed it – that did not stop him from fucking the young girl that he held captive since birth. For years he forced himself on the girl. Anyone who opposed him was disappeared or exiled and the rest that remained cheered him on as he fucked the little girl until his balls ran out of cum.

That girl is Malawi.

Today, the girl - still underage - saw the Human Rights Defenders Coalition’s dick. It is clean and well-kempt but it is as big as Kamuzu’s.  And like Kamuzu, HRDC also raped that underage girl. Mercilessly.

By sealing Malawi Electoral Commission premises across the country, HRDC normalised lawlessness and dealt democracy a big blow. A blow so big, we might actually never recover from as we descend into failed state status. The rape imagery is to underline the gravity.

All the demonstrations that HRDC has conducted to date, all the petition - whether the DC have permission or not - have all been a great sign of a vibrant civil society. People in China or Russia must be watching and wondering how we got so lucky to be able to express ourselves so freely.

All that changed today.
Akin to Rape - HRDC crosses the line.

Malawi is a country based on laws and the constitution. At least this is what we all have agreed is the truth. ‘Rule of Law’ is the phrase we love to invoke when we issue incantations to summon the spirit of democracy.

Before I continue, I will have to issue a disclaimer: I hate DPP and I think Peter Mutharika wouldn’t know a leader if he sat next to Nelson Mandela. DPP is a criminal cartel that is delaying Malawi’s progress.

I also don’t have any soft spots for Jane Ansah. All democrats in her position would have resigned once their role was called into question. The Romanian prime minister resigned because there was a fire at a nightclub. He was not even there nor did he start it but resigned over it. Ansah’s strange unflinching resolve to cling on to office is hard to explain.

With that said, we are a serious country with laws. A democracy. A republic. What HRDC did today was illegal and will still be illegal tomorrow.

If MEC is compromised by the executive branch or external powers, the courts and parliament can fix it. UTM and MCP were doing just that, they sought the court’s help and the court ruled in their favour. MEC has a competence problem was the verdict.

MEC feeling wronged also sought the court’s intervention - all this being very much their right in a democratic dispensation just like it was UTM/MCP’s right earlier.

This is why the HRDC’s actions constitute raping of our young nascent democracy. HRDC can go to court if it feels MEC is trying to game democracy. HRDC can demonstrate and rally public opinion and even play psychological games to make the judges subconsciously lean in their favour.

The sealing of public offices was too much. They say one’s right to swing a fist ends where another’s nose starts - HRDC swung its fist right into MEC’s nose and that is not okay. MEC’s nose also happens to be our democracy’s nose. Very not okay.

People can rise up when tyranny takes over – I know a great French philosopher that recommends that – but we are not there yet. It is just Jane Ansah, MEC and APM and so far, they seem to be losing. So why take the law in your hands?

If they can seal MEC, why not just go all the way top the state house and seal the gates there also? Why not also go to MBC to switch off transmission? Don’t forget the corrupt and inept traffic police!

The actions of HRDC today also beg the question: Where is the victory in this? Who will the chains stop? MEC officials will simply saw them off, it is not like that would be contempt of court or anything. What does HRDC gain? 

Kamuzu raped that girl repeatedly because people were not woke. HRDC committed democratic rape in full view of some of the most educated and the rape was beamed all over the internet. In 2020.

The ‘media’ updated us on every step HRDC took: chains hanging about like CrossFit athletes. The public cheered, danced and provided the ambient music. The Police - the very body with the mandate to stop law breaking - gave HRDC a wide berth just like the police in Mexico looking away while the Sinaloa cartel passes or Afghan police when the Taliban approaches.

MDF was there too, as if there was an external threat afoot.

They all just watched on as the big dick of the HRDC sliced that little girl’s vagina. Not one among them stopped to think about the implications.

No word from the courts, no word from UTM and MCP, no word from the usually readily available political analysts or the long-nosed-dollar-wagging white donors who also usually always never pass up a chance to lecture others on democracy.

Already Facebook is awash with pictures of MEC offices being sealed shut across the nation, tomorrow the newspapers will also force-feed us with the pictures and headlines of the same shit.

I understand the vibe is all about hashtag DPPOut, but ours is also a constitutional republic. One can either be a democrat or not. There is no middle ground. We cannot operate like Limbe vendors sometimes and play constitutional republican at other times.

Acemoglu and Robinson in their book ‘Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty,’ a study that examined countries all over the globe, found that many countries that do well do not do so because they are lucky or have high IQ or have resources. Most successful countries just have proper and truly democratic institutions.

If we cannot respect our institutions it is as good as not having them. If we don’t have the institutions, we can create some. We can create one to make justice get delivered quickly, we can make others to deal with belligerent institutions or officers. So far, I think we have some of these, all we need is to respect them.

Only then will we be a true democracy.