Monday, January 4, 2016

Road Traffic Bitter with Corruption Sting Op – Planning to Arrest I

After I managed to corruptibly get an instant valid driving license from the so called improved and incorruptible Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS), the guys at there are very bitter and are plotting to arrest me in addition to doing funny shit to appear holy.

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The directorate summoned me and by editor to appear before them at their head offices in Lilongwe, today, Monday. We refused and told them to come to us if they have issues.

They did not take it well, they managed to invite a colleague who was in town to go to their offices and told him how they wanted me arrested and charged on several counts.

They told my colleague that they were thinking of pinning me down for falsely obtaining a police report, they also want to blame me for getting the license, apparently the license I got belongs to someone else and was dormant in the system.

Funny thing is, they have not moved to fix anything… all they did was install CCTV, which will catch no one, as for example, the sting I did, involved me paying through the bank. I wonder what CCTV can do to stop or fix corruption.

The Directorate also told my colleague that they investigated the issue, but sad thing is they never shared notes with me to hear exactly how it went down. They looked into their system, but forgot to hear the human element which I observed.

Truth of the matter is, even before I started work on the ground, I emailed Manong’a, the RTD director, he said he would respond to me that evening but never did. I then went ahead with the sting, imagine, the head of the directorate was aware I was making inquiries into the bad and the ugly in his office.

The guy that did the license for us, Mr Likomba, did everything… he had to go and get the police officer that wrote the fake report from the street. I never spoke to the police officer, and I did not even leave the taxi, the report was cooked away from me.

I did not even know why we needed the report. All I did is get in Lilongwe, pay the guy, wait, and get the license - all  from the back seat.

I really thought these guys would work with me to better the system, they instead chose to go against me and i am ready. 

The message they are sending: we are corrupt and how dare you expose us. Sad but typical story of the Malawian way of life.

People take jobs as personal property and when you point out flaws they fume like you stabbed them…

Truth of the matter is… they claimed the system was unbeatable, that was a lie, and they are one of the worst departments in the land. Either slow, either creating fake-ass charges for motorists or carting in huge bribes to churn out licenses and the results are there for everyone to see.

Malawi has far too few cars than many nations but the accidents stats are staggering. Good thing is you know the guys fanning the deaths. Looking forward to the arrests.

What a lost opportunity. This could be the directorate improving, they chose to stay corrupt, inviting reporter to take photos of technicians fixing CCTV and shit. Really. Some typical third world bull.