Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Madonna‘s ‘stuntish’ Malawi charity turns serious, Piers Morgan to unban her?

Former Britain Has Got Talent Judge and Larry King's CNN successor reportedly vowed never to have Madonna on his juts launched CNN show saying that Madonna's charity activities in Malawi are just a publicity stunt, that he feels uncomfortable when celebrities support a good cause and that Madonna is too boring for his show...Morgan's slam never hit the mainstream but Madonna seemed to have been listening after all!

Madonna was supposed to build a state-of-the-art girls academy in central Malawi, well that academy will not materialize according to local press reports, instead Madonna has said she wants to build many lesser grander schools across Malawi to benefit more you see the Morgan effect?

I was of the Morgan opinion myself, I always thought Madonna's adoption of two Malawian children did nothing to help Malawi apart from advertising how poor the country is...and the attention she gets when she visits Malawi overshadows her charity work and that unsettles me!

Well now that she is getting serious, if the reports are anything to go by, then I might as well ask Piers Morgan to unban her from his CNN show, because now it will be real charity, not one big stunt academy that would have been abused by corrupt Malawian politicians who would have flooded it with their daughters and relatives.

I sometimes wonder; who advises Madonna on Malawi? Are they average Malawians? Are they in PR? I ask this because what Raising Malawi (Madonna's Charity) is doing in Malawi is nothing that I can write about; its impact is so decimal to belong to a star of Madonna's calibre!

I however, give respect to her, the few lives that she impacts should be very and are grateful...I urge Raising Malawi to widen its grip and get the media away from its activities and instead do the work that its meant to do.

In your face, Mutharika – This new website seems to say!

"The Fedayeen Bingu wa Mutharika has been formed in Malawi. The Fedayeen Bingu wa Mutharika is similar to that of Fedayeen Saddam of Iraq's regular armed forces but rather operated as a paramilitary unit of irregular forces.   Bingu wa Mutharika formed a tribal Mulhako wa Alhomwe which is an organization made up of his tribe people."
I didn't write that, it's a quote from the yet to be introduced Website which is already promising fireworks even in its construction takes a swipe at the Mutharika government and proposes cutting edge solutions to the maladies of the Malawi nation.
I will blog more on this Website but here are some excerpts from the site:
The People's Movement for Freedom and Democracy (PMFD) has been formed to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and a community in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, tribalism, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the fullest. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.
The economic system that the PMFD shall embrace is the free market system where there shall be a rule of law. In order to achieve fairness among all the citizens of Malawi the PMFD is calling the ruling party of Malawi government to abolish the current election system and sit down with us to introduce Electoral College system based on the U.S. model. Each province shall be allocated Electoral College. For example: South Malawi = 32, Central Malawi = 30, North Malawi = 28. Electoral College required to win presidency will be 55 electoral college and above (The objective of Electoral College is to make all provinces relevant and to encourage participation of all citizens that everyone's vote count).
First preference of the PMFD's economic policy is to improve trade relationships with other countries.  The PMFD economic policy is intended to make Malawi a market oriented economy, where most decisions are taken by private individuals and business firms. More flexibility will be enjoyed by business firms. Introduction of new products would help in economic growth of Malawi. These economic policies are to create new economic opportunities and the creation of millions of good paying jobs. Malawi needs to diversify its economy and also create business opportunities for the rural Malawians where 80% of its population live. The economic plan that the PMFD will embrace will help a rural Malawian farmer to market their products and get paid for what it is worth.  In order to attract foreign investments the PMFD is determined to build railroads and roads to connect the entire Malawi.  The PMFD is going to invest in its own people by building modern schools in rural Malawi and introducing Internet and computers to them.  The PMFD is also to build more hospitals to alleviate the crowding that exist right now. These projects will be done on provincial level.
Whoever is behind this site is very visionary and has my blessings after all ints within the realm of my blog: protest!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Protest Politics and Culture: My Beach pics

Protest Politics and Culture: My Beach pics: "me on the easy chair   me on the easy chair   swinga doodle doo  Me, Shoes and a freshman back hug Last Saturday i was at B..."

My Beach pics

me on the easy chair

me on the easy chair

swinga doodle doo

Me, Shoes and a freshman
back hug
Last Saturday i was at Boadzulu Beach Resort with the rest of them First year students from the Malawi part of their freshman spoiling....and i had fun...excerpts:
Martin, Evellyn and moi
She aint my girl guys...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Negros: What to do in ‘racist’ Russia when the World Cup comes

News that Russia had won the world cup bid ahead of England shook the world alright, some saw it as punishment for the Brits and their badmouthing BBC, some said Russia deserved their win with Arshavin's performance highly playing reference.
...but think of the Ojiofor (not real name) family in Nigeria, they have recently lost a son who was their only hope: he was in Russia doing his MA when a redneck did him in saying he is bringing impurity to the land of the Czars. Ask every African about Russia and you will hear how they fear it, I mean is it not the racism capital of the world?
I ask therefore, is Russia prepared to host the cup? Will the racist youths that Ross Kemp in his BBC program "Ross Kemp on Gangs" hold their fire? No is the obvious answer, it is easier for a German to buy a fake Chinese product than to make Russians accept 'others," but there is hope.....
To all the dark skinned and the Ojiofor family I say do not hate Blatter, this might be an opportunity to Change Russia!
Maybe after the World Cup, Negroes can start freely clubbing in Russia nightclubs and maybe taking on their women, I hope they have heard of our prowess, we Negroes, in bed I mean.
This is what every Negro should do when we arrive in Russia: stay up late and patronise the most racist clubs, do many Russian women, drink and sing African verses when moving the streets....if one of us is beaten or killed then we stage the protest that is block their impressive underground trains, refuse to play matches and march to the UN begging for sanctions!
The only way change can come is by exposing the stagnant mind to that which he despises, I know that the reason racism began was because white and black people that made the first contact thought the other was an animal or a lesser human, now that we know that we are equal (or are we?) we can move on and fuck some of these stupid ideas!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Searching for languages of God

Walk into any Pentecostal church; you will either be entertained by English speaking pastors bellowing into the microphones and their ever available translators artfully flinging out Chichewa or other languages for the 'illiterate' masses to hear.


Many ask, though, we are all Malawians here why the trouble of using English? Or if you are in Mzuzu why use English when Tumbuka can do? What language does God hear or want to hear then?


Rev. Major Highson Gondwe of St. Andrews CCAP church in Mzuzu thinks the reason and the answer is 'many'.


"In the Bible, God gave us 'many' languages not one. That means He acknowledges diversity and, thus, everyone should use their language," said Gondwe.


But Donnex Mwenesungu, Deputy Divisional Director of the Assemblies of God in Mzuzu and whose church is among those using English along with Chichewa translations, thinks such a combination is justifiable.


He said pastors go to theological colleges where the language of instruction is English, and some theories learnt from there are difficult to expound in any language other than English.


Mwenesungu added that preaching the gospel is like marketing and so far their style has seen the church grow.


"Also remember that it is tradition, the British used interpreters. They left it with Kamuzu and we are just in line with that. Why do they use English in Parliament when it's a foreign language?"


Assemblies of God Presbyter for Katawa, Isaac Mhango, said the use of vernacular like Chitumbuka automatically means that those who do not understand the language have to find their own church.


As a solution, Mhango said English eliminates all that and Chichewa, which he believes is understood by every Malawian, is the next best. But Gondwe laughs off the suggestion and describes it as propaganda.


"Look, the constitution grants recognition to all languages not one. God also does that. We preach in Chitumbuka because we have spoken that language since we were born," said Gondwe.


Many theologians agree that the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 is a myth. But for whatever reason the peoples of the world are endowed with many dialects.


Further down that line psycholinguists like Noam Chomsky will tell you that when you speak somebody's language you adopt their culture.


So as a Mr Msiska of Movement for the Preservation of Endangered Languages in Malawi (Mopelama) believes, are the Pentecostal churches which often use English just a vehicle of imposing languages?


Ronald Harawa, Resident Pastor for the International Christian Centre in Mzuzu and whose church only uses English, says no.


"History is to blame. I wish we had one neutral language like Swahili but again you should know that pastors are universal. I am not called to one tribe only. I can go to China today and still preach because God is universal," said Harawa.


Mhango agreed with Harawa and joked that someone said the use of English and an interpreter was somehow entertaining because "people play a game of interpreting along with the pastors and thus evading boredom."

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Police stop party launch, members cry foul; it’s sad for democracy –analyst

Armed Police in Mzuzu on Sunday stopped the launch of the newly registered People's Development Movement (PDM) a move that has angered its members and has attracted condemnation from political commentators.
According to the party's publicity secretary, Msenga Mulungu, police started intensifying their presence at Katoto Freedom Park, where the party was scheduled to launch, early on Sunday morning and at around 8AM ordered the platforms to be disbanded.
"They said they had orders from the Mzuzu City Assembly to stop the launch because the party was not registered and thus not supposed to stage any rally in the city," said Mulungu.
Mulungu wondered why the City Assembly could make such allegations when the party [PDM] has a certificate of registration issued by the Mzuzu High Court, Mulungu further alleged that the City Assembly was dabbling in the affairs of the court.
A letter from the city assembly said in part that the party should not hold any gatherings in the city whether on developed or undeveloped land and ordered all police officer to be on guard.
Mulungu said he tried to talk to City officials but didn't manage to convince them as they argued that the State, through the registrar of Political Parties, was still contesting the legality of PDM to the effect of getting a stay order that will calumniate into a court hearing slated for January six.
"The hearing is on 6 January that mean before that we are a legal party and we have our certificate," said Mulungu.
Mzuzu City Assembly Chief Executive, Richard Hara, refused to answer any questions saying he was on Holiday.
Mzuzu Police Spokesperson, Norah Chimwala also couldn't say anything and said she needed more time to find out what happened.
Commenting on the development, Mzuzu University's history lecturer and political analyst said that the disruption of the party launch was "sad for democracy."
"It is undemocratic and unconstitutional. The Malawi Constitution provides for freedom of association for every citizen after all the party is registered by the court," said Mbowela
Mbowela however said that they may be some procedure that was flouted by PDM that could render the disruption of its registered justified and said PDM ought to have cleared issues with the city officials.
"...but if everything was done then such actions may confirm other people's fears that the country is being governed in an MCP regime style and shows that the current government [DPP] doesn't want other parties coming in and gaining momentum," said Mbowela.
PDM has attracted many members including Harry Mkandawire, Loveness Gondwe and Richard Msowoya and the launch was to be graced by members from across the country.
PDM and government have been at daggers draw since the party applied for legal status. Its initial application was refused because it was openly critical of the Quota system, a revised application was turned down again and the registrar of political parties stopped responding to the applicants prompting them to forcibly register the party through the High Court on November 5 last year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pictures from a trip

This Christmas i went on the road...i set out from Mzuzu to Mlowe at the Lakeshore part of Rumphi District and then went up to is what i captured...
I visited my first Boarding school, Livingstonia Night Secondary School

THis Block housed all the students at my first boarding school...its now in memory and will soon be in history
Mantchewe Falls is an uncelebrated water fall up in Livingstonia Escarpment
@ Bend 9 while going up Livingstonia Plateau
me and my grandpa
a photo with my family at the village
the stunning view from Golden Road looking down on Chitimba and Chirumba
@ Holy Water
Mzuzu Nkhatabay Road
Livingstonia Chapel
a glimpse at Nyika National Park
Dr Robert Laws Hall at Livingstonia University