Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Travengelism: honest or sham?

Ever been in a bus that has no preacher shouting next to you, reminding you of the accident that can happen and the hell that awaits accident victim who were unrepented?

Well, in Malawi, almost every bus that leaves Blantyre to Lilongwe ir Mzuzu has such pastors, the guy in the picture is as this moment blaring with his husky voice preaching about Solomom's riches...but there are a few questions that I have for these guys,l.

Why do they only preach in Lilongwe bound buses? surely the people hoing to Thekerani need the gospel too, is it because they are generally poor?

Why do most of these guys mention accidents? is it to threaten the people?

Why do they ask  for moneys? most claim its transport moneys, but if they have no transport, why cant they just preach in their localities? do their neighbourhoods not need salvation?

My verdict is these people are just opportunists, feasting on our fear of dying and knowing that we are going to pass dangerous spots, they use fallacies to threaten people in more fear which then results into more moneys remitted.

They are the same with the African pastors who go establish churches in the UK saying the people there need deliverance when in the African villages they dont have branches of their is the root of most evangelism.

The guy in my bus just got a handfull of alms and is now dropping off saying 'may the lord gove back what you have given.'