Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something in the Northern Region is Disabling kids

I Was sifting through a 2013 Unicef report on the state of the disabled children in the country but there is one thing that caught my attention... check this out; 

'The 2008 Malawi Housing and Population Census found that the prevalence of disability 
among children was lower at 2.4% (159,878) than among the general population at 3.8% 
(498,122). Prevalence was slightly higher among males at 2.5% (84,721) than females 
at 2.2% (75,157). The most common form of disability was hearing loss (23%) followed 
children with disabilities. The Northern Region had the highest prevalence of disability 
among children (3.3%), followed by Central (2.5%) and Southern (2.0%). Most forms of 
disability found in this study were either present at birth or were caused by illness'

The issue is, the north has the least population, why is it leading in terms of having disabled masses, there has to be something there that is haunting babies...anyone who can help with explanation? is it in the food, in the soil, in the socialization or what?

To see the feature I hammered on the report go here; http://mwnation.com/on-parade-for-alms/