Monday, February 13, 2012

Garani MW 1 (The HIV Herb, As seen in Nation on Sunday) is now available to the public

After writting about the herb in The NAtion on Sunday, i had to switch my phone as folks called asif i was Jeremiah, well...Jeremiah has agreed to come public and if you want the herb, here is where you will find the herb...this according to Jeremiah...

I am far from the marketing officer/ salesman, infact i refused to give out Jeremiahs contacts even when very important people including my bosses wanted, they too say folks have been caling them like want the herb? here is how you are going to get it....

Mzuzu- call Eliza at 0999361237/ 0884981702

Blantyre -go to Trade fair stand number 41B or talk to Godfrey on 0888333912

Zomba -call 0884403363

Lilongwe – In Area 2 just behind Bottom Hospital, behind K-99 Shop there is a green shop with a red ribbon appropriately named “Garani MW 1”

Remember you will not buy the drug unless you are visibly HIV positive or you have a referral letter from a VCT centre or Hospital.

The Price has been adjusted to K5000 as a control measure.

Inquiries about the drug shoudl go to but should be copied to (one word:) mutafire [at]


  1. Can she export the garani for trials in zimbabwe

  2. How cme you dnt respond to questions What a Journalist