Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are we even a country?

BBC's  Eastenders star Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) is on record to have said that in Malawi, a kid can be bought with £450.

As much as that is painful and probably a script writer's slip of the pen, what does it say of our [Malawian] adòption and child care law?

Madonna came and adopted two children, the father never knew what adoption meant, now he is fighting to reverse "things."

Last month i interviewed all the powerful chìefs in Northern Malawi and they spoke harshly against adoption. . . .chiefs like T/A Mwakaboko (Karonga), Mwamlowe (Rumphì), Mkumpha 3 (Likoma) and Mtwalo (Mzimba)

The chiefs said adoption is bad and that if anyone wanted to help, they should just render their support and the kids/orphans would be taken care of by the next of kin.

One social worker said the chiefs were being hypocritic since there are kids loafing in their domains.

I ask, do we need adoption? do we know what it means? dò we have adoption law? and chiefly, are we a nation that can be rated higher than Kat Moon's musings?

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