Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Against England? The World Cup Epilogue

I couldn't believe that England with its Global appeal failed to win, but as an intellectual i will try to brainstorm why England and USA have lost...speaking as a group of people...excerpts.

News that England had not even been on the contenders in today's World Cup bid results list shocked many in The UK as evidenced by the number of angry and disappointed tweets Britons sent out.

Many will blame the timing of the airing of the Panorama programme on BBC but there is something which may be the ultimate reason why England and USA have failed to host the World Cup: war on terror.

So much has been said to sugar-coat the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the perfect timing of WikiLeaks, England and USA were up against serious moral opposition. There is growing anti-Americanism and anti-British sentiments among the people I know-which might be the pattern across the world.

Many people think the English are proud-so proud that they think that the wedding of their prince should make global news.

Minds are still ripe with the racism in Ireland and the Gamu incident. And the World seems not to have bought the story that led to Diana's accident. Remember how a Brazilian was gunned down for growing a beard similar to a Muslim's?

The media in England is one of the most misleading-lead-infrastructures that Britain has. Take football, they try to rate English football as the best yet we know Messi is not in England.

When Beckham was in Spain all we heard of Spanish soccer was Beckham this and Beckham that... how does that make people with sane heads and a craving for real news feel?

We cannot even begin to speak of USA with its drones and Terry Joneses; they were written off in my diary even before they applied for the hosting.

And Russia?

I know that Russia is the most racist country in the world and I am shocked that they got the bid, why did they? Because Andry Arhshavin cried?

All hail Qatar!

The most interesting World cup will be in Qatar with its booming economy it will be interesting to hear from the Middle East soccer-wise.

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