Thursday, December 9, 2010

Imposing leaders causes intra-party strife-Young Politicians

The young Politicians Union (YPU) on Wednesday organised an anti-violence training for the country's parties' youngsters ahead of the local government elections, who among other issues, identified imposition of leaders as the cause of wrangles and violence in political parties.

The issues were discussed at a workshop held at Livingstonia Synod's Conference Hall in Mzuzu. The workshop was facilitated by National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE).

"We discussed and found that among other causes, intra-party strife is caused by lack of statesmanship among losing candidates, abusive language, lack of civic education and imposition of leaders," said Elena Mpata, who is YPU's Documentation and Research officer.

She bemoaned candidates who fail to bear with loss at primary election level and go on to stand as independents, a move she said causes parties to brawl in wrangle as loyalists get confused.

Asked what YPU discussed on Joyce Banda's alleged mistreatment by the Mutharika regime, YPU's Director, Peter Mumba said that they see the issue as an internal one but called on DPP to put its house together because the party's issues are starting to affect the whole nation.

YPU says this is the first in a series of similar trainings that will target youthful politicians ahead of the oncoming local government elections.

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