Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Madonna‘s ‘stuntish’ Malawi charity turns serious, Piers Morgan to unban her?

Former Britain Has Got Talent Judge and Larry King's CNN successor reportedly vowed never to have Madonna on his juts launched CNN show saying that Madonna's charity activities in Malawi are just a publicity stunt, that he feels uncomfortable when celebrities support a good cause and that Madonna is too boring for his show...Morgan's slam never hit the mainstream but Madonna seemed to have been listening after all!

Madonna was supposed to build a state-of-the-art girls academy in central Malawi, well that academy will not materialize according to local press reports, instead Madonna has said she wants to build many lesser grander schools across Malawi to benefit more you see the Morgan effect?

I was of the Morgan opinion myself, I always thought Madonna's adoption of two Malawian children did nothing to help Malawi apart from advertising how poor the country is...and the attention she gets when she visits Malawi overshadows her charity work and that unsettles me!

Well now that she is getting serious, if the reports are anything to go by, then I might as well ask Piers Morgan to unban her from his CNN show, because now it will be real charity, not one big stunt academy that would have been abused by corrupt Malawian politicians who would have flooded it with their daughters and relatives.

I sometimes wonder; who advises Madonna on Malawi? Are they average Malawians? Are they in PR? I ask this because what Raising Malawi (Madonna's Charity) is doing in Malawi is nothing that I can write about; its impact is so decimal to belong to a star of Madonna's calibre!

I however, give respect to her, the few lives that she impacts should be very and are grateful...I urge Raising Malawi to widen its grip and get the media away from its activities and instead do the work that its meant to do.

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