Friday, January 14, 2011

Negros: What to do in ‘racist’ Russia when the World Cup comes

News that Russia had won the world cup bid ahead of England shook the world alright, some saw it as punishment for the Brits and their badmouthing BBC, some said Russia deserved their win with Arshavin's performance highly playing reference.
...but think of the Ojiofor (not real name) family in Nigeria, they have recently lost a son who was their only hope: he was in Russia doing his MA when a redneck did him in saying he is bringing impurity to the land of the Czars. Ask every African about Russia and you will hear how they fear it, I mean is it not the racism capital of the world?
I ask therefore, is Russia prepared to host the cup? Will the racist youths that Ross Kemp in his BBC program "Ross Kemp on Gangs" hold their fire? No is the obvious answer, it is easier for a German to buy a fake Chinese product than to make Russians accept 'others," but there is hope.....
To all the dark skinned and the Ojiofor family I say do not hate Blatter, this might be an opportunity to Change Russia!
Maybe after the World Cup, Negroes can start freely clubbing in Russia nightclubs and maybe taking on their women, I hope they have heard of our prowess, we Negroes, in bed I mean.
This is what every Negro should do when we arrive in Russia: stay up late and patronise the most racist clubs, do many Russian women, drink and sing African verses when moving the streets....if one of us is beaten or killed then we stage the protest that is block their impressive underground trains, refuse to play matches and march to the UN begging for sanctions!
The only way change can come is by exposing the stagnant mind to that which he despises, I know that the reason racism began was because white and black people that made the first contact thought the other was an animal or a lesser human, now that we know that we are equal (or are we?) we can move on and fuck some of these stupid ideas!

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