Monday, May 23, 2011

One of my All-time favourite Musician-Everton Blender


Lash me hard
Punch me below the belt
Bob, Pete and Bunny
Sooth me when am sad
Help me to be glad
Let your magic be felt
All over my body

Try me in your dancehall courts
Drag me through Kingston’s ghettos
Fling your rhythms at me
Indoctrinate me with Ethiopian dogma
Smoke me with your bongos
Come Sly and Robbie; whip me with your dub

I don’t care if it’s Dekker’s Ska
Dawn’s ‘Steady or Yellow’s Rants
Just serve them with positivity
No daggering, knives and cartels
Serve me that dish without diss
Give me reggae on the roots!

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