Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paladin exploiting Karonga without giving back

General Secretary of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, Reverend Levi Nyondo, on Saturday expressed disappointment in the role of government and the Uranium mining company for ‘not doing enough, quickly’ for the people of Karonga following the floods and earthquakes that have affected the district over the last 12 months.
Nyondo, Male in foreground

Nyondo said this at Iponga Primary school where the Synod was launching its own relief response that will see thousands of victims receive food, medicine, seeds, mosquito nets, water treatment materials and plastics  sheets for three months.

“Let the representative of the government here take this plea to the powers that be, we are all Malawians, and we all pay taxes, let government treat everybody as equals. If you don’t forward my plea I will do it myself,” boomed Nyondo drawing applause from the seated masses.

In a later interview Nyondo said he feels that government is not doing enough for flood victims, he also said the government similarly delayed in responding when the district was pounded by a series of earthquakes that left thousands homeless.

“Then we have Paladin at Kayerekera...they should not just steal the peoples minerals and make moneys, they should do more for the common people and not just build houses for chiefs,” said Nyondo

However Traditional Authority of the area, T/A Mwakaboko thanked the synod, government and others Nongovernmental Organisations for their effort. He then piled blame on the shift cultivators who inhabit the hills west of the flooded areas.

According to Donald Manda, Director of the Synod of Livingstonia Development Department (SOLDEV), the three-month response program will cover about 1000 households in the areas under the dominions of T/A Mwakaboko, Kyungu and Kilupula.

The program is being bankrolled by Tear Fund UK and Presbyterian World Service and Development to the tune of K20.5 million.

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