Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Protests Today

From today I will try to map the world protests.....here is a sample:

Today Cab drivers protested in New York

About 200 public employees marched across the Delaware River this morning in protest of cuts to their benefits.

Great article on Protests here:

Here is how the first paragraph has been tackled: ‘We as a people are much too easily persuaded to lose our temper and get angry. We look for elements of negativity in situations that confront us. Furthermore, instead of being modest or sceptical about the validity of our own position and conceding that the other side’s interpretations may merit serious consideration, we tend to be loud and exaggerative in pressing our point of view’ – cool stuff!

One from Jo’Burg!: Taxi commuters were planning to protest against exclusive bus lanes in Soweto on Monday, the SA National Taxi Council said.

While we are busy organising the toppling of governments via facebook, in Israel our protest friends are using social media to protest....against cheese prices!

Rest in Peace Brian Haw, the good protest shepherd

Out in the US, Members of a controversial church plan to protest today's memorial service of a 21-year-old Marine from Gastonia who was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/06/20/2392145/group-to-protest-marines-memorial.html#ixzz1PrWxnA00.

Spain's 'indignant' activists launched protest marches today which will culminate in a major Madrid rally on 24 July, showing no let-up just a day after rallying an estimated 200,000 protesters.
I wonder if they play soccer while protesting in Spain!: http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0620/spain.html

Come on Asad, go! ‘As a pro-democracy uprising continues to rage in Syria, about 100 protesters marched Sunday night from Laurel Street and Sixth Avenue through Balboa Park, shouting “Long live Syria. Down, down with Assad.”

The King says he is bringing reforms, the people think its not enough: ‘Several thousand Moroccans have taken to streets in the country's biggest city, Casablanca, in protest against the constitutional reforms proposed by King Mohammed VI.

I thought the Catholics were Conserving in nature?  But...
 Parishioners of a liberal Catholic Church demonstrated outside the facility Sunday, protesting what they say is a more conservative direction the parish has taken the past two years

Up-close and personal is always the best!
Northern Territory cattlemen will deliver a personal message about the ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia when they meet federal parliamentarians in Canberra

Happy Protesting Everyone, but sincerely today belongs to Ben Haw who couldn’t beat Cancer....his cause lives on.

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