Thursday, July 21, 2011

Britain Warns Mutharika On Violence

Of course Britain might be angry at the loss of domain (and trade?) after Malawi sent its top diplomat packing but this statement from the Foreign Office Minister, Henry Billingham, is well intended, me thinks...

Mutharika delivered his shambles earlier today and only managed to call protesters “satanic” and he also threatened that he “knew those who were behind the demos”...typical of the likes of Assad, Mubarak and Libya’s embattled colonel

“The ongoing violence and reprisals by elements connected to President Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party underline the concern that the UK has expressed about the state of democratic governance and human rights in Malawi.  This situation is extremely worrying and I offer my sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives. I urge all parties to show restraint.
“The rights of free assembly and expression guaranteed under the Malawian Constitution must be respected.  The UK utterly condemns the threatening behaviour of machete wielding DPP activists and the violent attacks on demonstrators and the media.  I call on President Mutharika to rein in the security forces and elements of his party, and to allow the media to report freely on the situation in the country.  Any attacks or reprisals against demonstrators, opposition leaders or the media are absolutely unacceptable.”
Meanwhile all eyes will be on Benghazi, I mean Mzuzu, the capital city of Northern Malawi as the 7 or so, who died in the protests will be buried...we might not have Imams to instigate us but with the Livingstonia Synod (Mutharika’s clear cut enemy) ripe in that city, am expecting fireworks...God have mercy.
Meanwhile today was a good day for most of the cities...I can’t speak for others but the part of Blantyre that I live was very calm and nowhere near tense...I even went out shopping!

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  1. Stay safe, my friend. Hotty Raddy