Monday, July 11, 2011

RSA bishop warns media on bad publicity as Bushiri insists chaos await BT

Bishop Magola has warned Malawian media to desist from dissing men of God to avoid “forced early retirement, death and curses” and other unspecified action, Nyasa Times has the details.

Magola, a South African who is dubbed terminator by his followers, fired the warning shots at Chichiri Stadium on Sunday where he was a guest preacher at Shepherd Bushiri’s “Three Days of Prophecy Conference.”

“Don’t play with major prophets, they can kill or curse you without involving God or the devil, “ said Magola, “if you don’t understand us just shut your mouth because  we can send you on early retirement, we can close your company and we send you to heaven or hell early.”

He went on to defend Bushiri saying that despite the bad publicity he was enjoying, he [Magola] had had a vision in which Bushiri was first swimming in Lake Malawi, then the Mediterranean Sea then the Atlantic, adding that by next year, Bushiri will not be as he is.

“I am not defending Prophet [Bushiri], you don’t need to defend a lion, I am just saying that what you have here is not a small thing,” said Magola.

Several other international pastors also took turns to warn Malawians not to play with Bushiri because they [the visitors] would whisk him away instead, drawing cheers of no! No! from the animated crowd.

Bushiri himself compared some Malawians to crows, which he said liked to scavenge bad things only despite having white necks.  He wondered why Malawians only like bad news.

Bushiri then made similar remarks to those Mutharika made on the same venue on 6 March, saying that when the press lands on men of God’s necks, it was also on the church’s and that it was the responsibility of the church to protect the leaders.

 During the sermon, Bushiri repeated his prophecy that Blantyre would degenerate into chaos from what would start as a simple demonstration, he thus called on faithfulls to pray so that the dark cloud would spare Blantyre.

“Pray that it may not happen, if you don’t it will and don’t say I never told you, and then you may need me but I might be away on honeymoon,” said Bushiri to a dead silent crowd, “I know most people call names what they cannot understand, it’s good that they just call us names than to understand us and destroy us.”

Ha challenged that if his prophecy does not come alive, he should be called a false prophet and said that a prophet never visits a place without a message, going ahead to quote Amos 3 verse 7 which says that God never does anything without speaking through his prophets first.

The crowds braved the weather to witness Bushiri who arrived in a motorcade of about 15 vehicles alighting from a Nissan Teana with the personalised license plates “Tyna 74,” flanked by body guards with the crowds in frenzy singing the tune: “Give me power every hour.”

The Conference ran for three days and focused on giving hope to the masses, strengthening their spiritual stand in the eschatological times and prophesying on the future. It was spiced by music from Geoffrey Zigoma, Martha Kasambala, Habakkuk and Bushiri’s own Praise Team.

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