Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Police raid youth man’s home over revolutionary publication

Mutharika’s campaign against dissent is certainly at its crescendo with the latest midnight raid on the house of one Black Moses, president of the fast rising Youth for Freedom and Democracy (YFD) publishers of the whistle-blowing- one-A4-paged publication called “The Weekly Political Update.”

Vice President of YDF, a University of Malawi student alerted Nyasa Times of the arrest which comes a day after a scathing 6th edition of the publication which among other issues  alleged that Mutharika has set aside K40 million to counter the September 21 slated mass acts against his administration.

The Monday paper also alleged that Mutharika has used the US$100 million he borrowed from PTA bank to buy fuel, that Kayerekera Uranium mine is depositing about  K14 million to Mutharika’s account, that RBM’s Perks Ligoya and business tycoon Mulli jointly own a fat account in Dubai, that the presidential jet was briefly impounded in the US and that two army pilot trainees were sent back from America and that the secretary to the treasury has so far extorted K16 million from investors on DPP’s behalf.

“The YFD are in touch with the DPP plan of action as how police will use torture people  to extract and coax some to give false evidence  to cover up the petrol bombings of Sembereka’s house and IPI offices,” reads part of the document continuing to allege that Mulli brothers are funding police to cover up the crimes.

Asked how the group gets its info, the unmoved vice president said that his group has links  going all the way to the inner sanctum of the DPP that smuggle information through another source [name withheld]

“We are the guys that revealed the names of the guys that burnt IPI offices, we are also the guys that broke the news that government had imported panga knifes for DPP youth ‘cadets,’ we are well connected,” said the source.

The publication which employs all approaches one would expect from Kamplepo Kaluwa does not hide the authors, with the owners openly listing their numbers on it. This is what is raising fears that police have started smoking out the youths by tracking the phone numbers.

Black Moses, 21, was arrested at his home at Chikapa in Chirimba at around midnight and is being kept at Blantyre police; it is not known what charges he has been slapped with.

“We want the nation to know this, Moses is a political prisoner, all we do is write what we investigate and we write what we know is true.”

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