Friday, January 13, 2012

Climate change issues vital in HIV fight - Livingstonia Synod

The Livistonia Synod Aids Program (LISAP) says fighting climate change is important in containing the effects of HIV/Aids.

LISAP Director, Mphatso Nguluwe, said this at a planning and review meeting the organisation had at Sambani Lodge in Nkhatabay on Thursday.

“We have planned to venture into dealing with climate change this 2012. Issues of climate change have a direct effect on HIV/Aids, for example lack of rains due to climate change mean there will be food insecurity. HIV/Aids patients need good nutrition to live longer and thus climate change can drastically affect them, said Nguluwe.

Nguluwe also revealed that her organisation has planned to work to fulfilling the National Aids Framework which includes issues of support, care and prevention.

LISAP is a branch of the Livingstonia Synod that was established to tackle issues of HIV/Aids in the synod's domain.

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