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Malawian Human Rights Activists Against Sexual Minority Rights, Imagine

Now you are about to read something I think is only unique to Malawi...i got this in an email from Billy Mayaya a very respectable and intelligent human rights activist in Malawi...the email comes in the wake of an alleged declaration by the country's justice minister and attorney general that there is a moratorioum on all anti-gay laws, such that its now almost not a crime to be gay in Malawi...

Here is the email intoto:

"We, the Concerned Citizens of Malawi, would like to express our concern over the government’s stifling of debate over the issue of Homosexuality in this country. We particularly cite the government’s recent unilateral decision to suspend anti-gay laws. We question this selective application of the law for the following reasons:

There are other laws such as that pertaining to the Death Penalty which still remain in force and yet have not been selected for suspension. We seriously question the Government’s reason for this selective bias.

There is no global consensus on the issue. In democracies like the United States, certain states such as Texas retain the Death Penalty and the Republican Party espouse traditional values as a matter of principle and oppose same sex unions. Yet, the Government of Malawi is taking a dogmatic approach and moving towards concluding on the matter without the participation of the general public.

We are aware that the subject of same sex relationships is contentious and Malawi should not be made the exception. There appears to be an invisible hand influencing the position of government on the matter Malawians are being stifled from engaging in debate on the matter As citizens of this country exercising their right to religious belief, we believe that Homosexuality runs counter to God's created order for the family, and that major religious texts contain no affirmation of homosexual activity.

We believe that homosexual conduct is out of harmony with God's purpose for human beings; and that it is in violation of religious and social norms and are aberrant and deviant behavior. In view of the above, we the Concerned Citizens of Malawi demand the following:

The Government of Malawi to immediately lift the suspension on Gay Law and encourage debate on the issue

The Government of Malawi desist from making unilateral decisions without the consent of the citizens in Malawi. Members of Parliament engage with their constituents before debating the issue in the National Assembly.

That the issue goes to a Referendum as a way of engaging the citizens of this country in this debate We the Concerned Citizens append our signatures to this petition in support of these demands:"

I agree with the authors on a few points...government should follow procedure, should respect law and there really needs to be debate on the issue...

What I dont agree with is the morality of the authors...are they human right defenders or clergy? What human rights are they defending if they disown gays? so somw human rights are not human rights?

If the minister did declare the moratorium, there are a few things that are worth far in Malawi 6 in every ten people say homosexuality should remain a crime. If taken to parliament, the MPs would even go on to pass the death penalty against see, the issue is just like racism in the 1940 America...if issues of black rights were put to a vote, we would still have Jim Crow laws in cannot put issues of minoroty rights to a ballot, the majority will crush the minority by effectively denying them their rights.

That is where an executive order comes in, Malawians do not knkw that gays are folks like everyone else, some evene think they do not exist in society...but science and society are constantly showing that gays are actually born gays and nothing can change where are those people going to live?

These 'human right defenders' should know that, actually if they are versed in human rights theory, it should be in one of their 101 subjects...

I am on mobile so I cannot write much but am just wondering as to who will defend the people if the human rights defenders side with the oppressive system?

If human rights defenders quote the Bible as their guide, can they possibly protect the Muslim interests? do human rights not come first before denomination? I think I really am in Malawi...

Undule Mwakasungula, one of the Human Rights Defenders is obviously shocked and not party to the above is his Facebook status thread of ten hours ago...and check Reverend MacDonald Sembereka's comments...

Undule Mwakasungula wrote

I will never , never be part of any religion which promotes hate,hatred ,anger ,discrimination , homophobia , stigma ,gossips ,lies , misinformation !

MacDonald Sembereka commented

If the God others believe in is such homophobic them mine is different because mine is neither he or she,doesnt favour people because of sex or colour, is not as mean as we are,not selfish as we are, slow to anger and full of loving kindness. I beg to differ with those who assume the place of God and become judgmental of others when they are thieves, liers, adulterers and full of slanders and hide in the all mercifulness of God.
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Davie Maliro added

I heard one religious leader saying those that are of the same sex orientation are abnormal and they are not welcome into our sociaty, now my question is why do we welcome those that are physically challenged into our sociaty?, did our good God Jesus discriminate the physically challenged?.
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Graciano Bwana-Lee Bwanali charged at Undule and Sembereka

Go straight to the point.. you are against religions that are against same sex marriages. But one day, someone wil have to answer. And all the benefits for the advocating of the same will be nowhere. MÜSAWUMITSÉ MTIMA, ZA PA DZIKO NDIZOKUTHA.
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Chimwemwe Mutambo mocked Sembereka

Koma Abusa lero mukapemphelesa kuti?
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Lucky Crown Mbewe played sober

Abusa ambiri do not understand religion and so resolt into judging others. God is God of love regardless of whatever situations we are in so those who promote hate, homophobia, anger, evil and gossip will not not see God some day. Amen
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Undule Mwakasungula chipped in

The Jesus Christ i know is of love ,care ,forgiveness ,support, Jesus who believes in hardworking , who creates heavenly on earth and no to wait for heaven after death ! The Jesus christ who co exists even of we are different in our thinking , orientation, colours, language etc. That's the Jesus Christ I will always follow !!!
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Undule Mwakasungula

Graciano that's the misinformation we are talking about ???! Get the facts and help the nation !
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Bright Mhango, thats me!

Just got a petition from your ranks and files of the cso bashing government for the 'moratorium'
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Undule Mwakasungula replied

Bright ! Yes that's the debate we need to engage on but based on facts if they have any. ! Letd continue to facilitate that dialogue but a sober one with no emotions !
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Bright Mhango, I argued on

Never seen human rights defenders chosing which rights to fight for...its as if we have our own Malawian version of doing things...
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Undule Mwakasungula expounded

You can say that again Bright ! It's a shame ! As human rights defenders we want our rights to be protected and then we say rights of minorities should not be protected ? misplaced human rights defenders and it's so unfortunate indeed !
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Undule Mwakasungula again

How can we be in the fore front to promote discrimination, stigma ,hate ,homophobia against vulnerable groups and yet we say we are HRDs ? How can HRDs be selective in which rights to protect ? We are really misplaced !
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Interesting, huh?

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