Monday, April 7, 2014

‘Don’t Marry Outside Your Race’

You are dating a Chinese girl and thinking of marrying her? Are you African and you fancy an Indian lass? Don’t do it, man, interracial marriages and unions are not sanctioned by God, and God forbids it. That’s the message of one Pastor Donny Reagan who runs the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Inspired by one William Branham, remember him? Branham believed that that his own existence presaged the Second Coming of Christ and he also believed the doctrine of the Serpent's Seed: the notion that Eve's act of dooming mankind involved her actually having sex with the Satanic serpent of Genesis, and that her son Cain, and a generation of "giants", was the offspring of this union.

The Serpent's Seed doctrine has been used by religious white supremacist groups, like Christian Identity, to justify a belief in separate lineages for the races: white, pure, from Adam and Eve; black, evil, from Eve and the serpent.

Reagan prattles his anointed thoughts in a 2013 video that went viral in 2014.

Reagan’s message is simple, he first starts by saying that he has many colored friends and referred to black women as beautiful and therefore cannot be racist, and he says God made us the way we are and therefore trying to change our God-given colour is not right.

If a violet... God made it and it was white, let it remain white. If it's blue, black, brown, whatever the flower is, let it alone. If corn was raised a certain way, yellow corn, don't mix with white corn. If you do, you mix it up, then it can't breed itself back again,’ he said to a cheering audience.

He argued:

“What—what business would a beautiful, young, intelligent colored girl want to marry a white man for, and have mulatto children? What would a fine, intelligent colored girl want to do a thing like that for? I can't understand it. And what would a white woman want to marry a colored man, with mulatto children? Why don't you stay the way God made you?”

Reagan actually vowed that he will never bless or see to any mixed race wedding.

So, I sat there after watching the video and thought…does he have some sense or is he racist? And I concluded inside me, but will let you draw your own conclusions.

I heard on CCTV that in Shanghai, there are 5000 mixed race marriages every year, I think….I wonder how pissed God is. And Reagan is not alone; many races are very suspicious of mixed race marriages.

There was one point I agreed with the learned pastor on, he said some dark races marry other races to run away from their colour and try to improve it. He said these people are powerless and cannot fix their colour and would like to fix it in their children.

This is a big truth for some people who have eaten the bait of colonialism and think they are one or several steps down the ladder by being darker and want to lighten up things by either bleaching their skin or marrying a ‘fairer’ race…as I said, this is a topic for another day.

As for Reagan, he forgets that the current tomato was a bitter small berry and has come this far by hybreeding, he forgets that corn is now better and a real world hunger douser because it has been crossbred a zillion times.

Reagan says it is unnatural to mix races, and inherent in that statement is that fact that he assumes different races are different species…a lion and a zebra cannot produce offspring, that’s unnatural.

The rest of the debate lingers in your mind; I believe that many people are already of a certain racial stand and that nothing really happens later in life to change them.

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