Monday, April 7, 2014

North Versus South Korea: War On or Soon Coming?

North and South Korea have just exchanged fire into the sea across the disputed western sea border, this according to BBC.

It is at least calming to hear that "For the moment, both sides are firing into the sea," which is weird but are the two brothers closer to war?

In what is very much like the Palestine-Israel affair, the war rhetoric has been growing recently despite North Korea saying it wanted closer ties and despite the recent family reunions whose images inspired the world.

The South, despite warnings and opposition from the North went ahead with joint drills with the USA and in response the North has been firing (or showcasing) powerful missiles by dropping them into the sea.

 Well, The South is backed by the USA and the North probably has nuclear weapons and neither really would love to see a war, would they?

And the American nose in the conflict is again too long to ignore. If we parties are not careful, we could be walking to a major war, on the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

In my opinion, if the North tries a war it will be crushed and the ruling dynasty will come to an end, however, it can cause a nuclear catastrophe before going down.

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