Monday, April 7, 2014

Why I will not be doing spring photography

Well, first things first, the outdoor sphere is piaoliang, the once sorry, barren and void branches of trees are suddenly oozing with new material - spring is here in China.

And with it comes the hype, it’s like the selfie craze among teens; everyone with a camera wants to take a snap of the bloom. Social media is awash with pink and bright flowers as profile picture.

Among the hype, inside the madness, there are people like me…who stand firm, people who will not be partaking in the spring malaise; I refuse to bow to the craze in the name of logic!

When the trees were losing leaves, and the driveways and pathways were clogged with ample brown foam and stacks of leaves, nobody gasped in awe, when the trees stood bare in the sun nobody noticed them, why now?

Nobody cared when the leaves go brown

Its spring, these things happen, do we need to take pictures to show that a season has changed? And to tell who? Who doesn’t see the change? Are we not just being cyclic and foolish?

So, no, am not falling for the craze. Nobody will care for these flowers when they become fruits and nobody will care if these shoots become full blown leaves.

Just to jog your guilt even more, if you go gaga after spring flowers, you are the type that likes young girls…which is creepy…

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