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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Robert Chasowa Inquiry: Start from Here

Chasowa's death is no joking matter - it psychologically affected me and many others, it took a life, it violated several rights and most painfully it went is what those who want to probe Chasowa's murder should do. I will be quoting from a document that widely circulated on the internet, dont worry about its authenticity, i was in the shadows when it was being compiled...

Here is the list of the people that should be asked questions: 

Davie Chingwalu and the police publicity team: Why did they go to town saying Chasowa had committed suicide? why was their inquiry rushed? and why did the police findings differ with Dr. Charles Dzamalala's. They should explain how Chasowa wrote a 'suicide note' and yet was murdered.

Police Commissioner Jose: He drove Chasowa to Lilongwe to meet the Police Chief, He was the one that paid for the hired car, the rented house in Chitawira....he should tell us more on who was funding the whole operation, its aims and how it ended - was it from the police budget? 

Peter Mukhito: He gave out moneys to Chasowa's gang when they visited him, he used to call and be called by Chasowa and crew - why was he dealing with young men without badges? Where did he get the 50 grands that he gave to Chasowa and company? Why did he not make it public that he had been working with Chasowa and company soon after his death? 

Mr Mathanga: Him is the guy that rented out a house to Robert Chasowa and friends. Who was paying him? what did the youngsters say when renting the house for? 

Black Moses: He is reported to have gone to influence Rafiq Hajat over the failed Demos, demanding some kind of package for 'protection.' He should be asked: who gave him and his click the expensive looking car he was in when he went to meet Hajat? who was funding the whole Anti-demos campaign that saw them go to Catholic University, Chancellor College and on the radio.

 Duncan Phiri, Phaniso Mhone and Justice Kangulu: They were operating with Chasowa, they minus Justice went to meet Mukhito in Lilongwe - they are the guys that i suspect talked to Chasowa in the last days or even hours - to that end, Chasowa's new number needs to be checked with the mobile company he belonged to, who called him on the fateful night? were there any SMS's

The Guards on duty: The company providing security on the fateful night was Kamu (partly owned by Mulli) - luckily sources from Poly tell me that the register for the night Chasowa died is available meaning to say we know who was on duty around the place Chasowa died - the thing is there was supposed to be a guard 5 meters from where Chasowa died - surely the guard must explain how without hearing a thud or cry a dead body showed up there.

Noel Masangwi and Peter Mutharika: Justice is said to have talked to Masangwi in his car, Chasowa is said to have kept on calling Peter, Masangwi, Jose and Mukhito reminding them of the K10,000000 - I think they also need to face the inquiry because if somehow Chasowa talked to them, they need to tell Malawi what they spoke with him about -  

Now Below is a publication that was compiled during an interview Duncan Phiri had with Poly lecturers led by Simbarashe Mungoshi....The author is a bird and its publication here is just for reference purposes.....if you want the document, well it was published on Medaifire: Whatever is written below this line is not me....

“The Info in this publication was put together by an intensive interview with Duncan Phiri in the presence of several Polytechnic lecturers and interviews with several Poly students. Let it be known that if the remaining members of Chasowa’s click are hurt in any way, it is the people implicated in this document trying to silence them.”


Robert Chasowa had links with a grouping called New Vision Youth Organisation (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Group’)
Grouping was formed between 2001 and 2002 by Duncan Phiri, Phaniso Mhone and Justice Kangulu (a childhood friend to Chasowa who recruited him [Chasowa] into the fold of the grouping)

The group was into various socio-economic activities, and it survived on rewards from reporting Tax evasion to MRA.
The organisation planned to stop demonstrations planned for August 17 2011 in favour of dialogue with the national president.

Towards this end, the grouping through Duncan (0992222277) at 6:30pm, Saturday 13 August 2011 phoned the Malawi Police Inspector General Peter Mukitho (0888203776) to link them up with the president so that the group could lay down its plan to him in person.

Mukitho liked the idea and on the same evening instructed Southern Region Police Commissioner, José to make contact with the group to get a more vivid picture of what the group was really about.
9:30PM same day, José (0888866369) called Duncan to arrange for a meeting on the following morning (Sunday 14 August).

José met Duncan at Green Corner (along Chikwawa Road) and drove to Mirale in Toyota Corolla as Duncan explained the group’s agenda. José talked to Mukitho who ordered that José drive the group to Lilongwe at once.
José and Duncan drove to the Polytechnic where they met Robert to inform him of the trip to Lilongwe. The rest of the group members were also told.

Around 1PM the next day Robert, Duncan, Phaniso (minus Justice who was on the day attending a family tombstone unveiling ceremony) were driven to Lilongwe by José, at Chingeni the group even stopped to talk to Justice who was driving back to Blantyre from the family ceremony, they briefed him of the trip.
Between 6 and 7pm the group arrived in Lilongwe and it was Robert who explained the groups aims to the IG, they were offered Chivas and Robert being of sober orientation had some soft but expensive refreshments.
The IG walked out for a good five to 10 minutes and talked to the president and returned with K50,000 bundles which he distributed to each member and even gave another K50,000 for Justice.

Mukitho told the group that they couldn’t meet the president and instead just asked what the group needed to carry out its plan.
Phaniso suggested K300, 000 but the IG countered with K500, 000 and made a promise that if the group was successful in thwarting the 17 August demos, TEN MILLION KWACHA awaited the group.

The group made demands of a car, an office space, two Ipads, two laptops, three desktops, a colour printer, two digicams, two still cameras, a laminating machine, three sensitive recorders and a perforating machine.
The IG provided all the above (in cash?) and offered the group another round of Chivas for the group to carry with them on their way back to Blantyre.

José drove the group to Kameza in Blantyre where they met Justice {at this point José left}. Justice happens to be Black Moses’ cousin. The group spent the night at Black Moses’ house.

On 15th August around 11 AM, Commissioner José called the group to come pick up their the promised essentials: Money amounting to K300,000 and a car (Suzuki Jimmy) rented for three months from Country Wide Car Hire registration Number MN 2452. The things were picked up by Justice.

The group paid K140, 000 upfront in rentals for a house in Nkolokosa belonging to a Mr Mathanga (K35 grand per month)


1. Robert bought over 10 influential students from Polytechnic with a promise of a K200, 000 from the TEN MILLION promised by Mukitho.

2. The Group won over Ken Msonda and Black Moses with a promise of K250, 000. Msonda was instantly given K6000.00 as transport money and he went over to radios spreading Anti-demonstration messages, Msonda also won over Undule Mwakasungula over the same. Hajat was approached by Black Moses and was reluctant but amicable to the group’s ideas of “No-Demos.”

3. Chancellor college students proved a problem to buy over as they were not learning and thus showed no mercy to the government and were in total support of the demos. However Duncan spoke of Robert and Black Moses successfully buying over one Symon if not Symon Mchawe who he said was given K15,000 and that he is the student that reported Associate Professor Blessings Chinsinga to the police after he gave a revolutionary example in class.

4. Robert, Duncan and Phaniso also courted Catholic University students and promised them K1500, 000 for their cooperation.

5. Robert urged the Polytechnic Student Union (PSU) to issue anti-demo statements but this was to no avail.

6. Robert went on air to speak against demonstrations and called for dialogue

NB: The university students, especially the Polytechnic were the ring leaders in the 20 July Demonstrations and the group targeted them to talk them out. Each of the groups’ moves was reported to some police as progress.


After the Demos were cancelled, the group took that as success but the relationship with the police soured especially with the IG failing to give the TEN MILLION KWACHA.

On 20 August José called Robert and Justice to their Nkolokosa offices and accused them of being too slow and that the police had to use some other grouping (CSO?). José also told Chasowa and Justice that the police had convinced Civil Society Organisations by itself hence the cancellation of the 10 million deal
On 23rd August the Suzuki was returned to the police on Jose’s instructions
The grouping was bombarded with demands for money from the bought over Poly students, the Catholic University students and Ken Msonda.

The group even bought a simcard (0994378323) for Msonda to talk to the IG himself on why the money was delaying. Msonda sensed trouble from what he discussed with Mukitho and told the group to drop the matter.
Group rented out the offices to a tenant identified by Justice at K105, 000


Robert was bitter and joined YDF where he and his mates: Black Moses and a Chikapa sourced sensitive information from Kamlepo Kaluwa, Rafiq Hajat, Ken Lipenga and other disgruntled DPP high ranking officials to publish in their “Weekly Political Update.”

Robert kept calling José, Mukitho and Peter Mutharika (0999005276) to remind them of the money that was supposed to be given; he [Robert] even created a special email that he used to talk to Peter Mutharika.
One day Robert and Justice called Peter and he gave the phone to Mulli and Masangwi who told them off.
Justice also talked to Masangwi in his car.
Robert was frustrated, he called José and said that he would go public on 27 September if the money was not given by then.
Two days earlier, he had already talked to Nyasa Times but didn’t shed more light on the gravity of his war with DPP.


8PM/ 23rd September, Robert speaks to his lawyer (Trouble Kalua) about his being wanted by police.
12AM, 24 September, Robert arrives in his room in the company of Ndagha Mkandawire (his classmate), they pick up poems to go study them at Ndaghas place (about 300 metres away)

1PM Robert is spotted in the student’s common room where Ndagha came to buy a cigarette

1PM a VW Carvella parks just outside Poly campus near the Police Headquarters inside are five people one stays in and the four go to Poly student’s common room.

2AM, Allan, Robert’s roomie finds several missed calls of a new number, he calls back and Robert answers and says that that is his new number and that he was at Ndagha’s place.

3.33AM Exactly, Robert leaves Ndagha’s room for his place

Around 4AM, four strangers leave Poly campus, they seem in a hurry.

Around 4AM KAMU Security Guards who were guarding the campus on that day, (KAMU = a company Belonging to Mulli Brothers) thought they saw some people pulling on someone and thought it was just drunken students

Around 5AM, Robert is found Dead about 400 metres away from Poly students common room and Ndagha’s Hostel, where he was

Chasowa lost very little blood (not more than a litre) showing that he was not killed by a fall, loss of blood and most importantly that the blood came out via rigor mortis (if the heart was still pumping, there would be a lake of blood) this shows that he was dead before he bled.

Chasowas had dust on his knees, showing that he had knelt….what this the time he was being forced to write the suicide notes?

Chasowa still had his inner shirt tucked in…this shows that he didn’t resist or struggle to his death.

Chasowa was found lying face down, but the face had no dents to show that he had fallen, his shoulders and all parts of his body had no fracture to show that he had fallen.

Chasowa was found about 10 metres from a place where over 6 years ago a guard had fallen to his death and there was brains and blood spread all over….that was not the case with Chasowa
Chasowa had a clean slit just above his neck; it looked like it had been delivered by a sharp edge like a panga.

The place where Chasowa was found is surrounded by about five security guards within the ranges of 5, 20, 10 10 and 25 metres and none of those guards had heard a thud or cry.

Chasowa’s room keys were still in his pocket but the phone he had used to call his roommate at 2am was in his room.
Chasowa was an Adventist and also a Pentecostal sympathiser, suicide was out of the question.


Why did police investigators only spend 5 minutes on the crime scene and ask nobody else but his roommate and Ndagha and yet come up with a report?
Why did police work over the weekend to release a report when they cannot even give bail over the weekend?
Why did they confiscate Ndagha’s computer [which Robert used a lot] when they had already found a suicide note?
Who put back Robert’s phone in his locker? When? Is he/she not the one who planted the suicide notes?
Why were the suicide notes misaddressed? Would a son address a letter to a dead brother when he meant to address the father?
Why was the case handled by the national police spokesperson when it fell under the regional police?
Why hasn’t Mukitho or José admitted that they knew Robert?
Why was there no DPP presence at Roberts’s funeral?

Robert gave away his position by visiting the student’s common room, the spies on campus then alerted the assailants, the assailants were also in that very bar!

There is about 20 metres of unguarded and dark open space between Ndagha’s hostel [where Robert was] and the next hostel. As Robert stepped into this darkness he was tasered by a stun gun (electric immobilizer) which have just been purchased in their thousands by the Malawi Police or he was hit by a blunt object on back base of his skull. He was then dragged (hence the dust in the knees) to the point where he was found (hence the absence of blood trails).
The killers then knew that the place was surrounded by guards so they dumped him and gored his head to make sure that he was very dead…and then they left.

Robert died with a look of surprise, open eyes and open mouth and the areas surrounding the eyes were red with blood (internal bleeding). That shows that the blow from behind was so powerful that it nearly ruptured his eyes, the surprise in his eyes might be the fact that the killers were people he knew well and hence didn’t expect the blow….the police? Remember the group reported their progress to some police officers? They could have rang him to come discuss the issue and then attacked him. Also note that earlier, police had been coming to talk to the Poly academic registrar (Chirambo) about Chasowa’s role in YDF. Why not just call him and arrest him?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Salima steals show as Poly remembers its dead

Griffin Salima, President of the Polytechnic Academic Staff Committee on Welfare (PASCOW) delivered a powerful moving speech this morning during the memorial service the college organised to remember the three students it has lost this last year.
The students who were being remembered are Justice Mwafulirwa (Education Business Studies, died 1st April), Madalitso Kaunda (Environmental Health, died 26 May) and Robert Chasowa (Mechanical Engineering, Killed 24 September)
 Clad in a red scarf symbolising the academic struggle the dons are currently battling, Salima didn’t even need to be in black to sound concerned, he galloped to the microphone looking like the rest of the speakers and then it happened...
Said Salima: “Someone here asked why the three had to die and since he could not find the answer on who should die instead, I have the answer: the young may die but the old must die, therefore it should have been somebody above 70 years.
“But don’t despair, great minds die young: Jesus died at 33, Napoleon died at 52 and Dunduzu Chisiza died at 32!
“We organised this memorial service oblivious of the fact that Poly had also lost two other students, we were motivated by the death of Robert Chasowa whose mysterious death still has many questions unanswered...but someone will have to answer one day.
“Where was Mr. Salima when Robert died, where was management when Robert died? Where were you his fellow students? Are you going to answer like Cain did after he killed his brother to say that you are not your brother’s keeper?
“Chasowa’s death got us thinking who would be next? It could be me, you will hear that am hanging in my office or it could be you next. But we refuse to be told to live by tribalism, we refuse to live by nepotism, we refuse to live by regionalism by those that don’t love Malawi.
“Those days when my parents languished in Zimbabwe for fear of political persecution are over, there is no other Malawi but this and it’s better to die here than outside.”
To cap it all, Salima asked the students to repeat after him in his conclusive chants which produced a deafening: “No to nepotism! No to Tribalism! No to Regionalism!” that was followed by a prolonged standing ovation.
Salima’s speech highlighted the ethnic consumption that is currently rocking the university. Ethnocentrism raised its ugly head back in March when some lectures [from the Southern Region] abandoned the academic freedom struggle labelling it a ‘witch hunting spree’ by lectures from the North and the Centre against the Lhomwe dominated government, a move that angered students who chased all lecturers from campus, breaking into and drinking beer in the senior common room and refused to back to class a move that caused the University Council to shut the college of fools day.
Polytechnic principal, Grant Kululanga, also spoke at the ceremony where he asked for the extension of God’s power onto the bereaved families of the students that had lost their lives. He said that the economy of a country surfers when student die. Kululanga’s sentiments echoed the Student’s Union President’s, Noel Mwenye, who also said that the three were bound to for greatness and oncourse to help in developing Malawi.
Other speakers included relatives and classmates of the dead who spoke highly of their friends. Justice Mwafulirwa was head of the Seventh Day Adventist Student’s Organisation, Chasowa was Poly FC captain, was in various church organisations and even dabbled in theatre and Madalitso was a confident activist of some reputation, breaking the norm to stand for the position student’s union president while only in second year.
The three dead join three other boys that lost their lives since December 2010 namely: John Banda (Electrical Engineering), Conrad Maulana (Environmental Science and Technology) and Sikweya (Environmental Health) this is addition to the fresh graduates Francis Fweta (Civil Engineering) and Innocent Mangira (Environmental Science and Technology). 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Document That Killed Robert Chasowa

"Black Moses is answering sedition charges because of this here publication, Robert Chasowa was being sought and killed [my verdict] because of this here document. I have just taken the whole bit, verbatim... I do not intend to infringe any copyrights. its strictly journalistic. This is the sixth edition, it came out on Monday, Moses was arrested on Tuesday, Robert was killed on Saturday."



1.      We need an explanation- why the presidential jet was impounded in America

2.       Mr. President-explain to us why should the Secretary for Treasury extort K16 Million from investors on behalf of DPP and you, your Excellency?

3.       The Youth for Freedom and Democracy demands and explanation on how DPP gets its funds for its operations; for we have the information that government and its institutions are giving K30 Million each every month for its operations.

4.       Youth for Freedom and Democracy have the information that Noel Masangwi and Mulli Brothers are giving the police money to cook-up evidence as to whom really torched or petrol bombed offices and McDonald Sembeleka’s house in Balaka.

5.       The Youth for Freedom and Democracy are in touch with DPP-plan as to how the police will torture and coach culprits to give false information to cover –up the real culprits on the same.

6.       Mr.  President-explain to us why setting aside K40 Million to counter 21st September, 2011 vigil demonstrations.

7.       We in our organisation are ready to demonstrate and counter all your plans, but we are peace and good governance, thus why we are calling for peaceful vigil demonstrations on 21st September, 2011

8.       Mr. President as a youth  organisation, we are in majority and we have a large following to stage up a real revolution but we are not the revolution, we simply urge you to address issues raised by the civil society organisations on 20 July 2011

9.       The Youth for freedom and democracy have the information that you sent 2 army officers to America for trainings as plots for the presidential jet that the two (2)  officers have been sent back by the US government-why Mr. President?

10.   Mr President-explain to the people of Malawi on how you spent and used U$100 million you borrowed from PTA Bank for the purchase of petrol and diesel

11.   Mr President-why should Paladin Africa a company which is mining uranium at Kayerekera be banking U$100,000 every month to your personal account in Australia-when Malawi is experiencing a cute shortage of forex

12.   Mr President-why should Mulli-Brothers and Perks Ligoya the governor of the RBM own joint forex account in Dubai worth millions of dollars?

v  Mr President, the things we do day will haunt us for years to come

v  Mr President, you are leaving the office 2014 and in the Youth for Freedom and Democracy will definitely take you to account for the wealth you have accumulated on the expense of poor Malawians

v  Mr President Sir, you will be arrested soon after leaving office in 2014 and we will be the stse witnessws on all issues of human rights abuses you have committed so far in Malawi

v  Mr president-Malawians are demonstrating on Wednesday the 21st September, 2011, we appeal to the conscious of your good office to respect their constitutional right, by sending the police to shoot and kill them

Malawi Moto!! Malawi Moto!! Malawi Moto!!

Together we shall build a strong economy and democratic society in Malawi

                                Cell:      0999 432 987 / 0888 432 987
                                               0999 937 005 / 0999 595 378
                      0999 203 612

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Police “interrogate” Poly registrar

Nyasa Times Investigations reveal that three Policemen in civilian wear on Tuesday stormed The Malawi Polytechnic to question college  administrators on the existence of a political pressure group, a move some students called illegal and contrary to the Kampala Declaration among other Laws granting academic freedom.

“They come to ask about the Youth for Freedom and Democracy (YFD) whose scathing publication The Weekly Political Update has already seen police arrest some of the YDF members,” said our source, “but this is exactly what caused the impasse at Chanco, universities are not police training grounds, they are a holy place.”

This comes a day after Police raided the home of 21 year old Black Moses, president of YDF whisking him away to an unknown location where he is apparently being question over the publication which is a one-paged numbered prose that uses critical language against Mutharika’s authoritarian rule.

The police came to the Poly because YDF has members at the campus and the move shows that the police are tracking owners of numbers that are on the publication.

In a separate incident, the college officials were also accused by Police of opening the college before September 21 so that the students should participate in the mass demonstrations. But one administrator shot down the allegation and called it “stupid,” pointing out that the opening date was selected and put on the academic calendar long before the Vigils were announced.

“Something is wrong with the police, they are suddenly interested in running universities now?” said the administrator.

This week’s 6th edition of the ‘Political Update’ alleged that Mutharika has set aside K40 million to counter the September 21 slated mass acts against his administration.

The Monday paper also alleged that Mutharika has used the US$100 million he borrowed from PTA bank to buy fuel, that Kayerekera Uranium mine is depositing about  K14 million to Mutharika’s account, that RBM’s Perks Ligoya and business tycoon Mulli jointly own a fat account in Dubai, that the presidential jet was briefly impounded in the US and that two army pilot trainees were sent back from America and that the secretary to the treasury has so far extorted K16 million from investors on DPP’s behalf.

“The YFD are in touch with the DPP plan of action as how police will use torture people  to extract and coax some to give false evidence  to cover up the petrol bombings of Sembereka’s house and IPI offices,” reads part of the document continuing to allege that Mulli brothers are funding police to cover up the crimes.
Asked how the group gets its info, the unmoved vice president said that his group has links  going all the way to the inner sanctum of the DPP that smuggle information through another source [name withheld]

“We are the guys that revealed the names of the guys that burnt IPI offices, we are also the guys that broke the news that government had imported panga knifes for DPP youth ‘cadets,’ we are well connected,” said the source.