Sunday, November 21, 2010


Wreaths, shared wealth and lost breath

Dirges, eulogies and tears


Quantifiable, contractible or written in heaven

Women labour with pregnancy

Women labour with diapers, noisy infants and boys and their toys

Death, yet comes to shatter all that was

In a split second no one can see it

Why do was he born only to die again?

Do we die so we can live again?

Then come myths, religion and tradition

This one wants a body burnt

That one the carcass naked

The other the body worshiped

Is it worthy?

Neglecting the sick

Yet when dead adorning with diamonds and tuxedos and caskets?

Do they hear the words we shower, the dead

Do they smell the roses we stash on the graves?

Do they blame us for their passing?

Is necropolis better than earth?

Is there class or caste

Is the good life the preacher promise really there?

What is there so that one should leave the cinemas?

The love and the internet of the world

To a life under thick trees?

O ye dead men and women

If only you posted on my page pictures form necropolis

How mysterious you are

Soon, if you can hear

I too will be arriving


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