Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Seventh Bend

It is usually a trend

That the seventh bend

Be presumed the journey’s end

On it

Sit not long

Your muscles may clamp

Your calves swell

On the rocks there dwell

Cold water from the well

Admire the shrubbery

But there might be snakes

As the locals tell

There still is a long way

Don’t sit and say

“With the journey I have done away”

It’s only the seventh bend

The tea-room is miles away

The remainder might dent your ego

But adopt the motto:

“I will try”

It’s the seventh bend

Rocky and steep

Fancy cars will boil over

The road suits a good Land Rover

Once past the seventh bend

Look for a place for your night

You have landed

The journey has ended

check where i have come from, the road in the background!

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