Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stop ill-advising Mutharika - Youths

YPU Secretary, Isaac Mkandawire
The Young Politicians Union (YPU) has added its input to the Joyce-Bingu impasse debate by condemning Mutharika, his advisers, MBC and his ruling DP party for focusing on Peter Mutharika campaign and ignoring development a move YPU blamed for the delaying of the disbursement of the much touted YEDEF youth loans.
The Mzuzu chapter of the YPU said this at a press conference that they staged at Mzuzu Youth Centre on Thursday.
"It all started with Peter Mutharika endorsement by the Southern Region DPP committee, as much as it's their right but we fault the timing, 2014 is too far and already in Malawi it's as if elections are to be held tomorrow," said YPU Director, Tiyezge Kacheche.
Kacheche bemoaned what he called "Mutharika's mistreatment" of Joyce Banda and hailed Banda for not answering back Mutharika's rants and called her silence is golden.
Another member on the panel, Isaac Mkandawire, Mzuzu Young Politicians Union Secretary, called on MBC, the state broadcaster to produce programs that will build the nation instead of programs like "Mkutinji" and "Road to 2014," which he called "unfortunate."
Asked why the union was using the media instead of contact and dialogue and why they were commenting on DPP's internal issues, Mkandawire said the union has no other channels but the media because it can remove the need for gate-keepers.
He also said that firing Banda from the party will not go well with the country's need for development because Mutharika and Banda will not be working well together and the nation will suffer.
The issue of false and hypocritical advisers was also raised with Hetherwick Ntaba chiefly in the spotlight. YPU said a few people are ill advising the president for personal gains a move the union said was counter-developmental.
YPU also called on government to learn to separate government functions from political ones citing last Wednesday rally at Manolo in Mzimba where DPP was more on the agenda than the Function which was the launch on the national tree planting season.

YPU Director, Tiyegze Kacheche

"We want government to concentrate on development not politicking, they should fight Aids, hunger, illiteracy not one another," said Kacheche.
Bulukutu Mkandawire, one of the founders of the union in the Northern Region said that Malawi is sliding back to the one party era with a culture of fear slowly taking over Malawians.
"People will stop opposing because of fear and all we will hear is about Peter...who is Peter anyway?" Bulukutu said.
The union denied being aligned to any party and said they represent all the youths in the country.
"What we want is development not politics, where is the YEDEF loan, for example?" asked Kacheche.


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