Friday, October 14, 2011

Arrest This Bashir Guy

I thought I would be taking a break from active citizenship after i got death threats for being critical to the DPP-led government but with the way Malawi is going , its better to go by Taylor Swift's words: "Speak Now."

Just now The Brits have released a statement accusing Malawi of being a pariah for letting Sudan's wanted president to come in and go just like is what the Foreign Office wrote on their website just hours ago:

Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham said:

“I am disappointed that Malawi hosted President Bashir of Sudan today (14th October) in defiance of International Criminal Court arrest warrants for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

“The British government expects the Government of Malawi to stand by its obligations under the Rome Statute, and as a UN member state. The Government of Malawi has committed itself to full cooperation with the ICC, and I reiterate the importance that the British government places on such commitments.

“We support the work of the ICC as an independent judicial body. All countries should cooperate with the ICC investigations in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions, and the particular legal obligations of States Party to the ICC. “
Is this Bashir guy not the one slaughtering black people in the Sudan? I mean why is Bingu behaving like Kamuzu Banda, who chose to rally with them apartheid pigs when the rest of Africa was trying to get the black skin some dignity down in RSA? Why?

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