Thursday, October 20, 2011

Malawians take in Gadaffi‘s capture

There is jubilation amongst Malawians as news from Sirte has it that Gaddafi was captured a while ago, with many people seeing it as a good omen for a hopeful Malawi which is undeniably becoming a new Libya.
Aljazeera is in fact reporting that he has been killed but the US state Department cannot independently confirm both the capture and the death of the deposed military leader of the oil rich nation.

Malawians over  the cyber sphere are eager to see what this means for Malawi, already Zimbabweans are tweeting that Mugabe should be next and a few Malawians are saying that Malawi should be the next one since Bingu has become a Gadaffi of some reputation.

“It shows that the world is running out safe heavens for dictators. We have one in #Malawi,” said Jimmy Kainja, a passionate academician and blogger

Many University Students see it as a triumph for US greed with many saying that the capture means that America will easily swindle Libya’s oil; this view is also that of many of Gadaffi’s loyalists.
Steven Sharra, another blogger, when asked to comment on Gaddafi said: “They wanted him dead so top secrets would get buried with him. This is no justice”

All in all Malawians still see a bleak future ahead especially because many believe that the international community doesn’t care about countries with no oil a view shared by some Zimbabweans on twitter.

And as the picture of his capture gets clearer by the day, one wonders how Mutharika is swallowing the news as many people the latest and most vocal being the four arrested FDD activists, have been calling him dictator.

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