Friday, June 21, 2013

Gender Agenda Moving? Female Chief Justice En Malawi

On Friday morning the Malawi Parliament unanimously voted yes effectively confirming Justice Anastasia Msosa as the country's first ever female chief research is crapy but this lady might as well be the first if not only the the top five chief justices ever appointed in the world..of course not counting ancient civilization.

This means that Malawi has two females heading the two of the three branches of government, the executive being in the hands of Joyce Banda...even speaker of Parliament Chimunthu Banda spoke  about it saying he is now proud of Malawi.

Msosa has integrity. Out of 118 that voted, she got 117 votes. 1 abstained and I still wondering who that karanga is.

In her time as leader of the Malawi Electoral Commission, Msosa has never goofed...she is always cool and calm.

Whether this means the gender agenda is moving in Malawi is another issue because this is a poster position, patriachy is still the order of the day in Malawi...illiteracy and HIV all favour women.

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