Monday, April 7, 2014

23,000 Perish in Mediterranean Sea

More than 23,000 desperate asylum seekers fleeing to Europe from war torn countries mostly Africans have drowned in the Mediterranean since the turn of the century, The UK’s Express reported.

‘The shocking figures have led the international humanitarian charity Human Rights Watch to call on the EU to reform its immigration policies, and focus more on saving lives than barring entry,’ reported the paper.

The paper goes on to cite reports, etc but my issue is in what the paper did not report: Africa.

Fine there are wars, poverty and diseases…but if everyone flees who will fix it? Who will make the war go away? And who will erect structures to make the diseases get contained and the poverty history?

If the able bodied flee, what about those who cannot flee? And is this conceding defeat that Africa has failed as a continent?  Why is the EU the destination when there is the AU? Why flee from Sudan to Europe and not say Ethiopia?

I think it’s time the EU and other destinations for refugees and migrants shut down and seal the gates so that if the Africans fight or mess up their diapers, they should stay in their stinky dank diapers until they drie out.

The wars will never stop by running and Africa will never develop if its able minds get sucked into Europe, this is exactly what happened with slavery only now the migration is voluntary.

Some of the people fleeing to Europe have done some sick things in Africa and it would be in Europe’s disadvantage to absorb criminals, so it is time to get tough.

Yes, we all know that Africa is largely or partly poor because of Europe, but after independence, the African was supposed to get a grip and make his land one that was livable.

Instead the African is busy hating his neighbor for reasons no one can understand anymore: different languages; different areas of origin; water; cattle grazing land and other funny reasons.

The 23,000 that have gone down should be the last, the rest should not leave Africa and should make their own heaven or die trying.

There is no honor in living in a foreign land, I read about a Ghanaian guy that has to stand in the pool in Dubai all day serving drinks to tourists, how does one even go home and play man with such humiliation?

Africa is a land of potential, still untapped and very ready to be and nobody should go a foreign office and claim they have no home.

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