Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Chinese Hate Foreigners

Almost all foreigners that I have met in China have had something to complain about the Chinese, this despite the fact that there are more than a billion of them and therefore dangerous to issue general statements.

I am not the angel either, I have also agreed that some things about the Chinese are buhao, things like public spitting, things like the sounds that are made when eating and slurping in the noodles, but  I never really wondered what the Chinese think about us, foreigners.

So, I asked. My respondent was one pretty  Chinese girl and she gave me the shambles.

Foreigners do not understand China or the Chinese

She said: ‘they think they know China, they dont. Even if you speak the language, it doesn’t mean you understand the Chinese.’


Foreigners criticize the Chinese government so much, she said, but if you go to USA their politics suck too.

 Well, I agreed, the lack of Facebook in China is a big source of scorn from us coming to China and we think the Chinese government is heavy handed, whenever we can, we like to make reference to the events of Tiananmen Square.

But where are we coming from? USA? We have the Guantanamo Bay, police shootings, racism, a more comprehensive citizen spying programme and media like Aljazeera is banned, if not just heavily antagonized.

Same with Britan, you cannot get Press TV in Britain, the British government has done some bad stuff too.

Here is my analysis: States have a monopoly of violence and are always trying to control their populations, before criticize others, we should look at ourselves.

I think to the Chinese, when we stand and taunt them, it is as funny as when John Kerry was accusing Russia of invading Crimea illegally, as if the US knows the definition of legal.

But here is my disclaimer: two wrongs don’t make a right.

Foreigners think they own a right to succeed in China

You come to China with a teaching Diploma, naturally you should be out in your country sweating it and you come to China and think you are supposed to be treated as Steve Jobs.

So many foreigners are in Chinese schools getting almost double the amount that the rest of the teachers get and yet they might be less qualified even, I can understand the frustration of the Chinese.

We think we need to have it easy, we are too bossy.

Foreigners want easy girls

When she said this, I did point out the fact that the Chinese guys fear the girls, so we foreigners step in with our confidence.

But the fact still remains that for some reason, we arrive in China and somehow think we need to net and nail those hotties and this without even sweating it but by just flashing our English and passports around.

I know a Chinese girl, who happens to be the one that gave me these insights, that has vowed never to date an American because she said they think that girls dig them because they want a Green Card. (Which is, I have to state, is the case in many other instances.)


She said that foreigner in China think they are above the law and that they are untouchable…I agreed, I have actually written about this attitude in my earlier posts.

Some guys cause trouble and they say the police fear them because most of those law men cannot speak English.

They don’t want to integrate into society

I guess this one is mutual, in many places I have been to, Asians and Indians can spend a 100 years as migrants but without naturalizing and integrating.

But again, maybe as foreigners in China we should do more to be at par with the locals like we want them to do when they come to our countries.

We, for example, expect the Chinese to have English names? Why? what would we feel if someone asked us to have a working name because our real name was too hard?

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