Monday, April 7, 2014

Annoying things foreigners do in China

Welcome to China, you are no longer in your home country. Here is a list of things some foreigners do while in China that piss me off and make me ashamed as a visitor in China.

It’s China, not Oxford

A group of foreigners was asked their impression of China and almost all of my friends spoke of lack of English speaking service providers…one even said the city had some signs with flawed English.

I never said a thing, but wondered if we would find some Chinese speaking receptionists in Sweden (not real country of the friend.)

I think it is foolish pride to expect people of another country to play by your rules, if anything, if you come to China, YOU learn some survival phrases.

Some people eat dogs and frogs, get over it

Went to the market and this friend of mine could not believe his eyes, he whips out his camera and takes photos of crabs and frogs and gasps at the dogs hanging by the wire for sale.

I think its hypocrisy to declare others' dishes  worst; especially us, people from the West…some eat bacon everyday without ever being questioned. Why is dog eating specially disgusting? Just because you worship your dogs it doesn't mean they are also gods universally.

So, if you are not buying dog, pass and don’t be a drama queen about it, it really is embarrassing.

Stop whining and eat your dinner

I have sat with wai guo ren (foreigners) on dinner tables and it constantly eats me when they complain about this and that… ‘No salt in the rice…this is horrible,’ ‘is this chicken? It’s too soft,’ ‘I don’t know this vegetable…’

I have cooked for Chinese people and they do not particularly like the way I treat my rice or fish and it would be ridiculous to expect the same food in China, 19 hours from your home, by a plane traveling at 800Km/h

Stop spoiling the gig for everyone else

Some foreigners are in places where they are the first foreigners seen there. These brothers and sisters bear the torch for others to come. Yet some sleep around, breaking the hearts of young girls, some stoop as low as petty crime.

The result is the community labels all foreigners coming in their wake as bad…people should really only travel with purpose and if it is sex you want, ask nicely without having to promise marriage or raping!

I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, you are now in Rome, chill, act like you are one of the natives and stop whining and acting all deviant, you stink.

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