Monday, April 7, 2014

Colombian president wets pants as his VP rejects Brazil post over dog

Colombia is usually known for violence by the FARC rebels, or for coffee growing, this week the country is in the news for lighter reasons.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, elected in 2010, kicked of his reelection campaign with a speech to supporters in Barranquilla this weekend. But footage of the president apparently wetting himself onstage is raising questions about the 62-year-old's health. (Gawker)

Santos, who appears to be unaware of the leak in the video, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. He underwent surgery to remove a prostate tumor that same year, which his doctors said gave him a 97 percent chance of beating the disease.

One netizen spoke of how somebody he knows had prostate related surgery and has problems controlling his bladder.

As if this was not enough…

Colombian Vice-President Angelino Garzon has turned down the post of ambassador to Brazil, saying that his German Shepherd dog would not adapt to the hot weather. (BBC)

In an interview with Colombian magazine Semana, Mr Garzon said the climate of Brasilia might harm the dog's health.

Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin has issued an apology to Brazil, a major trading partner.

She described the incident as "very embarrassing".

I hope the tabloids in Colombia will have a good month and can’t wait to see cartoons on these stories, though am sad about the president. Can he not retire and focus of health?

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