Monday, April 7, 2014

‘Employing women can bring losses – Harvard’

Okay, the feminists are going to be pissed with this latest study from Harvard University that claims that good looking men are more likely to be successful when pitching to investors than unattractive men or women, even when delivering the same brief.

The study comes down hard on the myths of some managers who think that using pretty females can get investors salivating into investing, maybe that can work in areas such as air hostesses, but not serious business.

 The study was published in the journal called Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it also suggests there is a glass ceiling for women in the corporate world because backers prefer presentations from men.

"Attractive males are particularly persuasive whereas physical attractiveness does not matter among female entrepreneurs,” Dr Alison Brooks from Harvard Uni was quoted by The Telegraph.

Would it be surprising that in Britain just four FTSE 100 companies have women chief executives?

This speaks a lot of the society we live in, we speak women advancement but still inside we think women are less capable and we view them based on their sexual organs first than via their real potential.

Sad month for women.

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