Monday, April 7, 2014

What Chinese girls find sexy…cigarettes?

We all have our differences when it comes to the people we would call sexy…in Africa and some parts of America, a woman needs to be plump and should have pronounced hips and behind (for lack of a saner term.)

In China, you are in a different world for sure. Usually when I go to the playground for a jog, I am always amazed at the number of people fighting to make rounds around the laps, most of them are girls and most are those that would pass as super-sexy in Africa, only here in China, they are too fat and are trying to drop weight.

My informer, a Chinese girl who is slim in African terms, insists that even she is fat and when I ask her what a sexy girl looks like, she points to that really slim girl, no meat about her and with that famed high thigh gap.

Well, it seems the Asian male has its own likes, even in Korea my friend Hyejin reports the main reason she is single is because she is a little plus size….but to me, she is totally the woman my mama would love to see me present as a fiancée.

But that is beside the point, what about the men…what type of men do Chinese girls find sexy?

Well, we all know this is a PhD level question…some Chinese are very particular about their men, some prefer exclusively Caucasians, some will take everything African and I have heard some say that they never see themselves dating anything but Chinese.

But to me, the most appealing group of people to Chinese girls is the Korean boy. I think it’s because South Korea invests so much to influence Asia with its movies and soaps and music, Koreans are hot property in the part of town I live and I take Korean is sexy here…

My informant, when I asked her what she finds sexy in a man, said something that blew my mind…she said, some Chinese girls find the smell of tobacco on a guy’s clothes and in his mouth a very big turn on.

I was shocked. But I kind of got it, I see many a Chinese guy puffing away and usually the girl they have on their side doesn’t mind at all and doesn’t seem bothered…

Smoking is to Chinese girls what a six-pack is to American girls? Maybe. Maybe not.

In the end, like a research just out this month, girls will not mind your looks but consider your character…however that is just on paper.

In reality, and this is my thesis, girls want guys with money and magazine looks and that is if you are in a big city like Shanghai…out here in the likes of Jinan, if you say you will marry her, you are as sexy as Austin Powers!

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