Sunday, September 14, 2014

China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring

As someone who is passionate about abortion, among other issues, I trekked to Jinan Maternity and Children Healthcare Hospital to check out the abortion scene in China…fly on the wall style.

On the third floor of the hospital a crowd of couples wait for their names to be called out on the PA. Girls, women, ladies and men stream in and out of the establishment clasping papers detailing appointments, medical tests results and other whatnots.

Half Price Offer  - Nothing to Fear
At the further end of the floor, a woman occasionally emerges from behind a door helped by a nurse… her partner steps up to help her onto the resting area before they slowly walk to the escalators, down into the parking lot and disappear into the Jinan crowds.

With each woman that exists another is called in and as the next one comes out with a squint, the emotions on the ladies on the waiting lines are easy to read…most are afraid…but their fear is unjustified.

A nurse comes to the seated crowd to counsel them on contraception…some seem as young as 20 and some as advanced as 45.

As per 2009, China was reportedly seeing more than 13 million abortions every year, abortion being legal in China, it is no shame… there are no pro-life protesters in the car park, no judging looks being exchanged, all is as normal as at a Malaria ward in Africa.

The hospital takes time to examine the ladies wanting to abort, all kinds of tests get done: from PH to HIV via HBcAg and many others you don’t know and don’t need to… even the zygote/embryo’s pulse is charted, there is no hurry…one woman had her abortion postponed because she had a flu and not ready for the surgery.

If China banned abortion, it would have the highest number of deaths of women due to unsafe abortions.

Let us take Malawi, in southern Africa, every year 70,000 women attempt abortion…but abortion there is illegal and can see you get thrown in jail for up to 14 years. Funnily, in Malawi, in 2012 there were only 5 condoms per person per year, condoms being the main source of contraception.

And it is not just Malawi, In Africa  and Latin America where abortion laws are heavily restrictive have the highest abortions per 1000 women aged 15-44 , 29 and 32 respectively (2008).

No matter what happens, women will always get abortions (Guttmacher Institute) and the abortion rate in the world has always hovered around 29.

If you restrict abortion services, women will turn to unsafe means. In Malawi women insert objects into the womb to pluck the zygote, some ingest washing powder and some go to traditional healers who do not even understand anatomy 101.

Here at the Jinan hospital, women are given medicine to dilate their cervices and an experienced doctor does the surgery while the woman is put to sleep, all tools are sterilized. All the women go home, in Malawi, an abortion could be the trip to the morgue, to barrenness or a long time in the hospital.

In Malawi for example, 17 percent of maternal deaths are attributable to unsafe abortions.
The men that made the law (and happen not to have vaginae) are mostly inspired by religion and culture. To them once a woman falls pregnant, she cannot go back. There’s no choice, even when condoms are scarce and their use largely to the man’s discretion.

In a single ejaculation there are millions of potential babies and a normal man like me ejaculates at least five times a week (haha)… if we are so concerned of seeds why do we not ban wanton ejaculations then?

Come and abort with us: Spotted in Tibet
Truth is, if we refuse women abortion, they get it anyway. If we force women to keep babies, they will only be more and more rejected, abandoned and homeless kids. If we keep being arrogant, more women will die, along with the accidental pregnancy.

There are many ways of preventing pregnancy, you can use a condom, or use the withdrawal method, or take pills but for some reasons, these ways fail or are unavailable (we all know sex sometimes comes like a thief), then you can abort…nothing to open ancient books about here.

I step out of the hospital and head back to my place, I see no street kid, no funeral procession, no church… just banners offering abortion services at half price…

How can I get Chinese citizenship, seriously? 

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