Monday, April 7, 2014

Go Home, Science, You are Drunk

I am a big fan of science, but lately I have been trying to reconsider my fan club membership, it seems the old adage of ignorance is bliss is now more than ever more relevant.

It started with the Higgs boson or Higgs particle in 2012, some shady science but earned someone a Nobel Prize, and then it reached its crescendo when scientists announced that they had heard the echoes of the big bang.

Is it not laughable that scientists in 2013 be able to hear the big bang that happened before the earth was ‘formed?’

But the last straw for me has been this week: I read somewhere that scientists have found that left-handed people have better sex than right handed ones.

Hours later, came the big one: it said that people who jog the most live the shortest and those who jog less live the longest.

Now, I respect science, it is actually science that made me a jogger. I do 6000 meters every night without fail and I have been faithful to my schedule even when I have important meetings.

Had a similar issue back in 2008, was an avid jogger and then science came in saying researchers had found that short sharp sprints of up to 30 seconds could be as beneficial as doing up to five sessions of an hour's exercise a week. The confusion.

What should I believe?

I have tried to put my life together, you know I read that drinking one can of soda a day can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 22%, according to a study conducted by researchers from Imperial College London, UK,  and published in Diabetologia.

I quickly quit sodas along with other junk food and then boom, another study says actually drinking red wine and dark chocolate can prevent diabetes.

Just wow.

And remember how they always told us to drink more water? Well, a study came out and said drinking more water is bad and that the benefits are a myth.

And let’s not forget that study by one Satoshi Kanazawa found that African women are the least attractive of all races, he caused a big storm with that one and raised eyebrows too. Like who would gain from the findings?  And how do you standardize attractiveness?

You would think it doesn’t get crazier? In 1997, a group of researchers in Wales decided to look into the relationship between orgasms and mortality and concluded that "sexual activity seems to have a protective effect on men's health."

At last a study I can agree with and smile at!

But I still have questions: Should I drink more water or not? Jog 6000 meters or less? Sprint or jog? Date a non-African or Japanese? Eat or avoid chocolate? Believe in the big bang or not? Is the Higgs particle myth or reality?

Maybe Life is too big to be read with lab goggles? Maybe we should just go out there and live without looking over our shoulders?

Only one question is answered: I will have more sex to live long!

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