Monday, April 7, 2014

Nigeria spoiling the gig for all Africans

About 1000 Nigerians are languishing in Chinese jails; one out of every five Nigerians in Thailand is serving a jail term, about 1000 Nigerians in British jails and 500 are in Brazilian jails.

Actually, Britain, having been overwhelmed, has resolved to send Nigerian convicts in Britain home to the oil-rich nation.

Now, am Malawian, why would I even be concerned about Nigerians, one would ask. Well, in my answer, I would say as long as you are African, be concerned.

Simply put: because I look like an average Nigerian and some Nigerians are known to be criminal, I get labeled as probably Nigerian and therefore potentially a criminal.

Some will whine and say Nigerians are targeted. Surely there are some Nigerians who are not only right thinking men, but also great personalities. To that end some might say this post is thus anecdotal...

But if 20% of people of a certain nationality are in jail in another country (Thailand), then we should start to ask tough questions.

Nigeria’s Ambassador to China, Aminu Bashir Wali is on record saying 80% of the crimes committed by Africans in China were committed by Nigerians and added that most of them drug related.

A friend from Beijing told me that if you are a foreigner in Beijing, you are likely going to be approached by a Nigerian-sounding guy offering drugs, shamelessly.

Yes, there are 170 million Nigerians and the high crime statistics might be proportionate to the population, but there are about a billion Indians, 300 million Americans and about 200 million Brazilians why are they not clogging foreign jails?

Try hitting on a woman online, they see you are African and think you are Nigerian and think you are a scammer, since more internet scams are traced to Nigeria(ns).

Try to pay using a 100 RMB note and your money gets the biggest verification as if you have a triad tattoo showing under your sleeve.

A Chinese friend who sits on an international inquiries desk says she usually ignores emails from Africa because some are ‘just scammers.’

I really get very bothered with this; if there was a T-Shirt saying ‘Am not Nigerian’ I would buy it.

The crimes: drugs, petty theft, fraud and rape… Rape! What does an African away from Africa need to rape for when every woman out there has heard of the stereotype of their superiority in bed and endowment and likely to give if asked?

Osita Osemene, a Nigerian of substance, told Channels TV (yes, Channels TV is a TV) that the 'get rich quick' syndrome among Nigerian youth is responsible for the increasing number of Nigerians in prisons in China.

Some analysts say that economic conditions at home force some Nigerians into crime, but I laugh off such analyses; there is no African country that doesn’t have tough times, not one.

Nigeria is clamouring for a seat at the Security Council and always competing with South Africa as the biggest economy in Africa but I wonder how its citizens play like they are from Somalia, a failed state.

And the government of Nigeria seems to be happy at the berserk nature of some of its citizens: When India wanted to start mass deportations of Nigerians living illegally in the resort district of Goa, Nigeria government India.

This was even after reports that of 51 Nigerians arrested in Goa that week; only one had a valid passport. One.

And it’s not just outside Africa, in my country, Malawi, it is becoming a common story to hear of a scam pulled by a Nigerian, I know of a Nigerian pastor who was caught with fake passports copies in his laptop while operating a church in Malawi.

And the crime that shocked Britain, the Lee Rigby killing, was done by Michael Olumide Adebolajo, and Michael Adebowale…all traceable to Nigeria and so is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Underwear Bomber.

I would like to stay neutral and chip in some Pan-Africanism, but if wherever I go, some Nigerian has already been there and spoiled the gig for me, I have to call him out.

And I never said I am a saint, nor are Malawians – I just want to live free and be judged for my actions not of those that look like me and who happen to come from Nigeria.

And as much as this post will be hated, the behavior of a few Nigerians is impacting all Africans including some upright Nigerians.


  1. Young man, i dont know how old you are or what type of friends you hangout with. I suggest you do conduct another research into how human beings evolve. Spain and Portugal were once super powers in this world and their strength was purely because of piracy, Christopher columbus and his generation. They advertised their civilisation by plundering and looting whereever they went, it was bad but the brand is there for all to see. They even called the carribean as the west indies. Enter the british Empire and the whole of Europe, They took all the criminals and deliquents in their societies and shipped them to Australia, South Arica, Falklands, Hongkong and Several islands across the globe. those outposts are still serving the original plans setup by then European powers. That was bad but its the foundation of modern economics. Americas Industrial success is largely because of free labour slavery in other words. Now the Economic power is shifting to China why??? The majority rules. The status of the world economy now is that the minority control the resources. Justice is when the majority are in control.

    Thrasymachus once said....

    An unjust is superior to a just in character and intelligence.
    Injustice is a source of strength.
    Injustice brings happiness.

    The capitalist have done this all these years. Now in Africa , there are 150 million plus nigerians, There 50 million South Africans. The south African economy is built on Apertheid , Plundering and exploitation. South Africa actually used the same template Americans used,.. Free labour, Stolen land from natives, Group ares act. This carried on for 350 years untl 1994 when time was up. When they freed The bantus, Free labour ceased to exist and Equal rights and justice papers were on the table. From 1994 upto now its strkes strikes and more strikes , the poor want better life too.... that slowed the economy until now when the majority , the Nigerians have surpassed them....... If you have the Movie Escape from Sobibir .. some stated there that if you want to judge the civilisation of any country just look at the Quality of prisoners in jails. America Runs on drugs too. To be a graet country Drug dealing is a central part of the ascent. Quality of criminals is another thing. The rich people of this world also do drugs. So economic advancement goes along with this industry..... Nigerians dont just do drugs , they also do Religion (tax free) Religion is the second biggets economic activity in Nigerai and USA. they also do alot of gambling. Come to south africa and see who dominates in soccer bets, lottery participaion. They are good sports men too. So it takes everything to Attainn enviable GDP figures. All these activities solidifies the Nigerian brand. The MAFIA in italy contribute alot to Italian Economy. I may have lost the point i wanted to make but, dont feel ashamed with being Black and mistakenly being identified as Nigerian. We are on the rise................... Nigerains sell drugs fine.. who makes them......... There is alot of money in drugs . The majority of customers ar white Rich ones. Until Malawians join this trade our economy will be remote controlled by those who use alot of drugs. Mutabaruka once said

    Say no to drugs its all you tell
    while you invent new ones to takes to hell.

    Viva Nigeria ...Viva Africa

    If i get a chance i will do it.

  2. . A First of all investigate the history of this world. Portugal and spain extended their influence through Pirates. Amerigo vespuci, Christopher columbus are but a few Pirates who carried the flag of Europe and the vatican. South Africa Australia and several islands are populated by Criminals released from European Jails. If you have watched the movie called ~Escape from Sorbir~ it is mentioned somewhere that if you want to judge a country`s civilisation you look at the quality of Their prisoners. Just lask week Nigeria has overtaken South Africa as Africas Largest Economy and Like Portugal and Spain Nigerians are equaly Criminal out therecountry will never make it economically if its wider population does mnot involve itself in Gambling, Drug Trafficking, Money laundering etc. Revisit Americas history., British Empire and all so called great Nations , they all were heavily involved in Drug dealing. Your own Contry Malawi needs to get involved in sports betting, Gambling or even Drug dealing if yopu are to make it. Its not a surprise neither do you have to distance yourself from Them. Most richt men in this world use drugs. So its simple economics to supply Drugs to them. One Errand with a rich whiteman brings in more money than you and i working for the entire life. Its a question of honest money making or not. In this world the honets man keeps crying. The other lie out there is that the meek will inherit the world. When is that? So viva Nigeria viva Africa. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hahaha, read this and was speechless for a moment... such glorification of are operating on the principle that two wrongs can add up to a right, which is wrong - but i do get your line of argument.